Reliable Inertia in Renewable Energy...

Since 1949 certain energy sources have been primary in America while others have not.

It was true 70 years ago, it is true now, and it would seem to be irreversibly true 30 years from now.

Even if I wrote this in Spanish, the following four charts make the case better than I ever could.

You can't see it in the above chart, but in 1949, renewable energy sources comprised 9.3% of America's total energy portfolio. A few years later, by 1952, that percentage had decreased by 1.3% totaling 8%, as the above chart illustrates.

But the story gets more interesting.

Fast forward 56 years to 2008, the day Obama was elected, the same day the oceans stopped rising, renewables as a percentage of America's total energy portfolio now totaled 7%. A 1% decrease from 1952.

This obviously necessitated federal government intervention into America's energy markets. And government intervention is exactly what we got.

President Obama soon announced his Administration would "invest" $150 billion over the next 10 years on renewable energy technologies and clean energy projects in order to make America more "energy secure". Whatever that meant.

And how did that work out? Well, this third chart is noteworthy because it shows that despite that massive intervention and reallocation of our national wealth to help pick energy winners and energy losers, meaning renewables win, and fossil fuels lose, wind, solar and hydro only grew by 3.8%.

However, perhaps it is this fourth chart that should be of particular concern to those of us living in the green energy capital of the country, California.

I won't say the world, because everybody knows that would be Germany. But that is a story for another day.

Never to be swayed or deterred from their low-energy-intensity green agenda, California environmentalists and their pet politicians have decided that we will be 100% carbon free by 2045.

This will happen no matter what the cost to working families struggling to survive, or the disruption to the state's economy which millions of middles class families rely on for our quality of life.

But will it happen? Will California really be 100% carbon free by 2045?

Not according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

According to the EIA, wind, solar, and hydro will account for less than 15% of America's total energy portfolio in 2050...31 years from now.
So despite the hype, and the hyperbole, 31 ye ars from today, fossil fuels will remain America's primary energy source and not by a small margin, but by a gigantic margin.

So the question isn't will we use fossil fuels well into the future, the question is where do we source this energy supply?

Should we get it from dangerous and unstable global sources or from safe and stable domestic sources?

If you care about the global environment, human rights, and America's national security, the answer is actually pretty clear, produce it where it will be done safely, legally, efficiently and responsibly.

In other words, produce it where it is done ethically. And that means here in the USA including Santa Barbara County.