Dear Valued Patient,

We want to assure you that all of us at Reliant Medical Group remain here for you and your family during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We have been adapting the ways in which we care for our patients, maintaining a safe environment for both patients and employees.  Here are some examples:

Single-Visitor Policy
To reduce risk in our offices, we ask that patients plan to bring no more than one companion with them to their appointment.

Universal Masking and Hand Sanitizing
We believe that one of the best ways we can keep our patients and employees safe from Coronavirus transmission is to have everyone in our offices wear masks and sanitize their hands regularly. Upon entering our facility, you and your companion will be provided with surgical masks and asked to sanitize your hands. If you come with your own mask, we will ask you to wear the one we provide. When you leave, you can put your own mask back on, or continue to use the one we provided. If you are wearing gloves, we will ask you to remove them for the duration of your visit, and then sanitize your hands.

Video Visits
Talking with your care team through a secure video connection is a great way to get timely and needed care safely.  In just a few short weeks, we have conducted nearly 3,000 video visits! While the pandemic kickstarted this new offering, we will continue to include video visits as part of our array of healthcare services even after the risks of coronavirus decrease.

Like anything new, video visits may cause you some concern or anxiety. Below is some information you may find helpful in understanding how video visits work and why they can be very effective.

  • Video visits are suggested only when your provider feels your symptoms or condition can be safely addressed in a video platform. 

  • Critical aspects of a traditional “exam” visit—like a review of current medical problems, medication lists, new symptoms, change in family history or health habits—can be accomplished in a video visit. The actual physical exam is a small part of the value of these visits, and could be conducted at a later time, if needed.

  • Reliant uses secure video technology that complies with Federal HIPAA security regulations. 

  • Video visits can be effective for both adult and pediatric care

  • Through video visits, providers can do much of the same work they can do in the office, including: 

  • Observing how a patient looks
  • Asking questions about medications, health history, and changes in health status, concerns
  • Providing medical advice
  • Documenting care in the electronic medical record
  • Scheduling necessary tests and follow-up office visits
  • Prescribing medication 

  • If you are not comfortable with technology, don’t worry! Our staff will help you prepare for a video visit.

  • While many insurers are waiving co-pays for video visits, you can call your insurance company to understand how it is addressing telemedicine (telephonic and video visits)

If at any time your provider feels you or your child must be seen in the office or that tests must be performed, you will be asked to schedule a traditional, in-office visit. You can trust us to follow strict safety protocols to keep you and your family safe, including optimal use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for patients and employees.  It remains very important that you be seen in our office when an in-person visit is recommended by your provider.

Important Reminders

  • While the spread of Coronavirus remains a concern, it is more important than ever to save the Emergency Room for emergencies. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, chest pain that lasts more than a couple minutes, heavy bleeding, or numbness or weakness in your arms, legs, or face, seek emergency care. Remember, you can call your Reliant doctor’s office 24 hours a day for medical advice in non-emergency situations.

  • Our ReadyMED urgent care centers are open from 9:00am-8:00pm, seven days a week (visit for locations and to check wait times).

  • Due to the pandemic, some of our offices, including our labs, may have temporarily reduced hours. Please check for the latest updates.

  • We urge you to follow local and state safety guidelines, particularly if you are in a high-risk group.

We understand these are challenging times! Please know that Reliant Medical Group is here to care for you. Visit for the latest information about Reliant’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We wish you the best of health.

Thank you,
Your Reliant Medical Group Healthcare Team
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