Relief Fund - Money Available
We have received several calls/emails regarding the information sent from the ADA this week regarding the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund.  We have reviewed this information in collaboration with the ADA and members from the ADCPA. 

As we finish up our tax returns for the July 15 th tax deadline tomorrow , we are sharing the Eblast from our good ADCPA friend , Kate Willeford.  As you know, w e have partnered with Kate in the past, sharing webinars, live updates and E blasts .  Kate put together details on the available funds and has graciously shared with our firm. Please Click Here to read details and instructions.

Please be sure to visit our Website for past Eblasts, Webinars & Podcasts:
As always, we hope you are staying safe and sane and positive. 
We love and appreciate you!
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