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More Good News for Equine Welfare...
We're Going to Keep Their Heads Above Water!
This photo merely represents the flooding victims in Texas
Brooke USA Goes Outside the Box to Help Equine Victims of Hurricane Harvey
While Brooke USA's mission is to improve the welfare of working equines in the developing world, today Brooke USA is launching an appeal to help animals in the United States: the equine flooding victims in Texas.

Executive Director Emily Dulin said, "We decided that this catastrophe in our own country warranted that we step outside of our mission to help the animals in the United States this time.

We considered a number of very good organizations to partner with in this effort, and chose US Equestrian because so many of our Brooke USA Ambassadors, Advocates, and donors are members."
Through your donations, Brooke USA will quickly raise $25,000 for the USEF Disaster Relief Fund, to match their donor's gifts, dollar-for-dollar!

100% of the donations that we raise for the USEF Disaster Relief Fund are tax-deductible and will go to the Houston SPCA and other regional equine disaster relief efforts, to support emergency response groups and to help horses impacted by the flooding.

Please don't just watch this tragedy unfolding without doing something to help.
Let's do something good, together!
Donors have been helping women to
help their animals and themselves
Brooke USA has funded projects that help establish equine welfare groups in Ethiopia, targeting women who take a leading role in animal husbandry. These groups often involve many women, and they encourage everyone to help each other and to monitor the condition of each other's animals.
It's important that working equines eat the right food. To help owners, Brooke has been training women to grow nutritious feed such as oats, fodder beet, rhodus and desho grass for their equine helpers.
Kidsit (pictured tending her fodder crop) lives in Ethiopia. Thanks to donors, she belongs to a Brooke-sponsored equine welfare training program for women. She said, "I depend on my horses and donkeys for many services. I need to increase my care for them, as I need to get maximum service out of them."

Kidsit and other women have received theoretical and practical training on growing the right feed for their horses and donkeys. Brooke Ethiopia has been working with partners to provide oat seedlings for the women. "I'm looking forward to receiving more training on management and storage of these feeds to prepare me for the coming long dry season."

"Unlike in previous years, I can now manage my donkey and two horses much better. Hopefully, the training I've received on feeding will boost my skills and enable me to better manage my animals in the future. Many thanks to Brooke and its partners for equipping us with these new skills."
Our wonderful colleagues at Brooke India have been capitalizing on the fact that even very poor horse owners often have cell phones. After carrying out local research, Brooke found that texts and voice messages were a quick and effective way for owners in India to support and improve their animals' health - whatever their language or literacy level. Brooke messages include:

-Weather warnings  - so owners take appropriate precautions to avoid heat stress or the effects of cold temperatures on their animals,
- Reminders  - so animals don't miss vaccinations and health checks, and
- Welfare tips  - reminding owners of important measures like keeping their animals' hooves and eyes clean.

Now owners in 22 Indian districts are supported through texting tips to make sure their animals are enjoying better health and welfare!
Closer to home, Brooke is working in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico to improve the lives of working equines, which will strengthen the livelihoods of the families who rely on them.
Allison Springer New Brooke USA Ambassador
We're happy to welcome Allison Springer, a veteran 4* event rider, trainer, and coach who is one of the United States' top event riders, as our newest ambassador!

Allison said, “Seeing the amazing job Brooke USA does of funding programs to educate communities and to improve the lives of working equines is a very special and important thing. This made getting involved a no-brainer.” 
An injured mule in WW1 received veterinary attention before going back to the front lines.
Horse Heroes update
You may remember that this year, as the United States commemorates the 100th anniversary of our entry into WW1, Brooke USA is honoring the American horses and mules who also served, suffered, and died. To that end, we set a goal of raising one million dollars - one dollar in memory of each American horse and mule who was shipped to England, France, and beyond to work alongside the soldiers.

In honor of those equine war heroes, we're happy to report that thanks to our donors, to date we have raised nearly $850,000 toward our goal, which will do a great deal to help alleviate the suffering of working equines through Brooke's programs around the world. Thank you!
Our Horse Heroes campaign is an official partner of the
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Expanding influence
Brooke USA donors have funded a number of equine welfare projects through Brooke West Africa. Recently the Brooke West Africa team traveled to Burkina Faso to hold a two-day workshop on animal welfare standards for the Regional Directors of the Ministry of Livestock and a few leading veterinarians in there.
Elevating and Regulating Paravets in India
Brooke USA donors have funded a number of programs in India. Recently the National Academy of Veterinary Sciences (NAVS) and Brooke India jointly organized an interactive workshop on paravet regulation in that country.

Brooke India will prepare a policy document on paravet regulation which will be submitted to the Government of India for appropriate action.

This Brooke India veterinarian is training paravets. More well-trained paravets will mean that more suffering animals will receive the help that they need.
Brooke FAQs
How does Brooke know that it's making a difference?
Brooke's teams conduct welfare assessments of the animals before, during, and after their programs to find out whether equine welfare is improving in their areas of operation.

Brooke also conducts regular research, including studies with owners and communities to see what impact its interventions are having.

Additionally, Brooke has an Effectiveness Framework project with tools to measure and report the impact of their veterinary, community engagement and advocacy work more effectively.

Clinical quality monitoring tools have been rolled-out, and each country program produces comprehensive annual reports, showing what has been achieved and what the aim is for the future.
Meet "Brookes"
The results of the campaign to name our new mascot are in, and a write-in candidate, "Brookes," was the winner. Brookes will travel the country with us to raise awareness and funds for Brooke USA, to support equine welfare programs worldwide.
Olympic Gold Medalist Charlotte Dujardin Coming to Ohio
If you're in the Ohio/Indiana/ Kentucky area, don't miss this opportunity to attend one of Charlotte Dujardin's clinics in Wilmington, Ohio, on September 29 . We'll have a booth there, and we'd love to meet you! 

Charlotte is a Brooke Global Ambassador and great friend of Brooke USA. She (and we) will also be in Magnolia, Texas, on November 17 . For tickets and more information, go to

Special thanks to Scott Hayes of SH Productions for making these events happen and for including Brooke USA!
The next time your birthday or anniversary come around, how about requesting donations to Brooke USA in lieu of gifts? 
Brooke USA Upcoming Events and Appearances

Sept 19:  Cocktail reception at Manhattan Saddlery, New York, NY (fundraiser)
Sept 29:  Charlotte Dujardin Educational Tour in Wilmington, OH (booth and more)
Nov 9-12:  US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan, Lexington, KY (booth)
Nov 11: Veteran's Day (Horse Heroes campaign and the launch of Dorothy Brooke's new biography by Grant Menzies)
Nov 17: Charlotte Dujardin Educational Tour in Magnolia, TX (booth and more)
Nov 29 - Dec 2:  Adequan/USDF Annual Convention in Lexington, KY (booth and silent auction)
This photo merely represents the flooding victims in Texas
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