Essential Oil of the Month
On Guard Whitening Toothpaste’s unique cinnamon-mint flavor with xylitol leaves your breath fresh and clean. It’s the best non-fluorinated toothpaste on the market! Save $1 if purchased in-house this month.   Email us to get yours today!  Order online or join and Save! 
Relieve Back Pain in 3 seconds!
Do you notice back pain or stiffness when you sit in front of your computer all day or during your daily commute? One of the main reasons is the lack of support for the natural curves of your spine in the sitting position. The spine was designed for movement - they say our hunter/gatherer ancestors walked, ran, jumped and climbed about a marathon a day!

If you haven’t tried our Back Vitalizer, take it for a spin the next time you are in the office! 

To have your posture, spine and nervous system evaluated by Dr. Danielle, contact us at 647.478.1775 or book ONLINE or email.

Massage therapy now available on Wednesdays!
To book a relaxation, deep tissue or sports massage with Amy on Wednesday or Sunday, contact us at 647.478.1775,  book ONLINE  or  email .
Vivid Events
Empower Yoga with Roxana – Wednesdays from 12:30pm-1:30pm.

A perfect dose of movement and meditation to strengthen your body and mind. Move creatively through dynamic sequences and feel your inner strength increase as your body sheds layers of tension. No experience necessary. Yoga classes are suitable for all students.

$25 for drop-in or 5 for $110.  Book ONLINE, email us or call 647.478.1775 to reserve your spot - space is limited.  
Daily Connections
All kids, from infants to teens, need the emotional support that comes from a close connection with their parents. It doesn’t have to take long – in fact, the most valuable moments are the smallest. These are the daily opportunities parents can use to let kids know they are listening and ready to support them emotionally.

So, if your child tells you something that happened at school, take a moment, really listen to what they are saying and feeling. Give them your full attention. Try to understand how they are feeling. When kids feel emotionally supported, validated and understood about the little things, they will be better able to handle the bigger challenges of life.

To book an appointment or to find out more about Dr. Campbell's specialty, counselling & child assessments, contact us at 647.478.1775, book ONLINE or email  
Dr Val’s Spring Cleaning Thai Green Curry
Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, and we finally begin to shed some winter layers. Naturally, at this time of the year we start thinking of cleansing. So why not clean out your liver while you are cleaning your house? This vegan keto and gluten free curry is full of healthy ingredients that will help detoxify your liver and shed inflammation.

Looking for natural health solutions? Contact Dr. Val at the office 647.478.1775  or book ONLINE or email