Religious Exemptions on COVID Vaccine with Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel

Health care workers across the state are facing the real prospect of employment termination due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, issued by hospitals, medical clinics, and other health care facilities in recent weeks. This will affect thousands of health care workers across Ohio, who last year were the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, but are now being threatened with termination if they do not take the vaccine. Many cannot take it, due to health reasons, personal reasons, or religious conscience. Mat Staver discusses with us that this is a nationwide problem and is about to affect us all with the lack of quality of health care as a result. Mat gives some practical pointers on how to file for a religious exemption. The Liberty Counsel law firm stands ready to help people of faith with this growing crisis. Video from Liberty Counsel

State Rep. Scott Wiggam discusses how he and other conservative legislators are fighting back against the mandates and vaccine passports. 

The Ohio House and the Ohio Senate have failed to remedy the immediate crisis facing thousands of health care workers across Ohio. H.B. 248 that recently had its 6th hearing in the Ohio House Health Committee, chaired by Rep. Scott Lipps, is not going anywhere, according to Statehouse reports. H.B. 248 would have provided broad exemptions for health care workers and other Ohioans who were faced with an unwanted vaccine mandate at their workplaces. Now that the bill is all but dead, Rep. Scott Wiggam is working to push leadership to act on this issue. Tune in and tell a friend. ACTION POINT: Contact your State Representatives and urge them to protect vaccine freedom.