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Friday, April 15, 2016
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Rabbi Rachel Bearman
Religious School Director

TBC Office
Kim O'Rielly

Facility Use or Rental
Kim O'Rielly
Dina Gumins

Sisterhood President

Youth Group President
News Item Submission:  
Items for Religious School News should be submitted to edadmin@templebnaichaim.org by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. to appear on Friday.
Items for Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org
by Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to appear on Wednesday.

Religious School Schedule:

Religious School will Not be in session 
Wednesday April 13 - Sunday 
April 24.
Classes will resume on 
Wednesday April 27.

Have a Happy Passover!
Make Your Reservations! 
TBC  Community Passover Seder 
Saturday April 23
  This year TBC will again welcome members and guests to a Community Passover Seder on Saturday, April 23rd (Second Night of Passover) The doors open at 5:30 pm, the Seder begins at 6:00 pm. 

This will be a great opportunity to meet together with congregants and friends and strengthen our community.

 This event is open to all, and members are encouraged to invite their non-TBC friends and acquaintances, of any denomination! 

The event will be catered, with hors d'oeuvres, Kosher-style food, and vegetarian options.

 The cost will be $36 for adults and children 11 years old and over, children under 10 are free.
RSVP by April 15 at:click here
This year we're asking each TBC family to send in a photo of their Elijah's Cup to archive@templebnaichaim.org for posting on our Facebook page! 

Religious School Model  Seder


Click here  for video
Click here for more pictures

Telling the Teen Story

A guide to share with teens at Pesach: 

The Passover Seder is the ultimate educational experience. It is an interactive method of story-telling, a learning (and re-learning) of our people's ancient memory, and navigating through text and time and tradition to make that story our own.
Teenagers are an integral part of the Passover experience, bridging the children and the adults who can bring a unique perspective to any Seder. While they may be too old to be participating for the first time with fresh eyes, they are still questioning, struggling, and wrestling with the themes that we experience during Passover as they contemplate their own journey towards adulthood. Just as the Jews were redeemed from slavery and led into freedom, so too do we have an obligation to guide our teens towards their ultimate understanding of the journey towards adulthood. Read More

B'nai Mitzvah Projects!
Jacob and Charlie are hoping for your help and support!

Jacob Boyar's Mitzvah Project

Charlie Bennett's Mitzvah Project

Students preparing for their Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are encouraged to complete a project profile so that information about their project can be posted on the TBC website and Facebook. (Click here to view the project profile form).

Please note that before you complete this form, you must submit your mitzvah project proposal to Rabbi Bearman.   

Save the Date for TBC's 40th Anniversary! 

TBC's 40th Anniversary "That's So '70's Shul" Celebration!  A Marvelously Fun Evening celebrating TBC's 40th Anniversary and Shavuot - June 11, 2016. Further details coming soon. 


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