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September  4, 2015
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Phone: 203 544-8695
Fax: 203 544-9706

Rabbi Rachel Bearman

Ida Clark
Education Manager

Facility Use or Rental


Dina Gumins

Sisterhood President

Youth Group President


News Item Submission:  
Items for Religious School News should be submitted to edadmin@templebnaichaim.org by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. to appear on Friday.
Items for Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org
by Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to appear on Wednesday.

Family Service TONIGHT!
6:00  "Pre-Neg" !
Did you know that the Torahs have special outfits that they only wear during the High Holy Days?
Come tonight to Shabbat Family Service and help
 Rabbi Bearman and Cantor Sobel 
get the Torahs dressed and ready for 
Rosh Hashanah!
We will start with a kid-friendly pre-neg
Pizza and veggies at 6 p.m.,
 Followed by the service at 6:30 p.m.

At 7:15 pm Birthday Celebration and Oneg!

Spread the word and see you there!   

Meet & Greet and Family Barbecue

More pictures click here

 Religious School Schedule:  
Hebrew school will begin  Wednesday September 9 
and Thursday September 10
Sunday School classes begin Sunday September 20

All of the back-to-school packets have been mailed. Included in the packet is:
a letter from the Rabbi about services and special programs, class assignments, teacher information, school calendar, and the parking lot schedule.
For more information about the school please feel free to click on the link below and visit the school website. Click here
Come meet our new Emissary Shaked !
Please welcome our new emissary Shaked Nisani, he will be joining our community this school year as part of the Israeli Young Emissary program sponsored by the Federation for Jewish Philanthropy.
Shaked enjoys wake-boarding in the Sea of Galilee, hanging out with friends and going on trips with them. He took part in a program named "Hands of Peace" in Chicago, which discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.    He also enjoys many different Sports. He likes playing soccer and is a fan of Maccabi Haifa team. He likes basketball and watches Maccabi Tel-Aviv games in Europe and the NBA games.   To read more about Shaked
Please take the opportunity to get to know Shaked. Feel free to invite him to your home for a Shabbat dinner or have him spend the day with your family showing him a bit about life in the   United States . If you are interested  please  contact Jennifer Haynos at
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