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May 22 , 2015
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Phone: 203 544-8695
Fax: 203 544-9706

Rabbi Rachel Bearman

Kim O'Rielly
Religious School Director

Facility Use or Rental
Kim O'Rielly


Dina Gumins

Sisterhood President

Youth Group President


News Item Submission:  
Items for Religious School News should be submitted to edadmin@templebnaichaim.org by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. to appear on Friday.
Items for Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org
by Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to appear on Wednesday.




Religious School Registration 2015 - 2016

is due Friday May 29!


If you have not already submitted Religious School Registration materials for 2015 - 2016, please do so as soon as possible. 


click on the link Here for Registration letter

click on link Here for Registration and Medical form


We open Religious School registration at this time in order to plan as best we can for next year.

Early registration allows us to determine the number of classes we will need, hire the best possible teachers and map out our classroom space.

We ask that you fill out and return as promptly as possible the registration forms, along with a $300.00 deposit per child, no later than Friday May 29. This fee is refundable through July 1, 2015

1. Registration Form (1 per family)

2. Medical Release Form (1 per student)

3. Deposit of $300.00 per student





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