Ruth & Lewis Davis Religious School
Bereshit - A New Beginning!
Shalom CSK Religious School Community!

Our religious school learning started earlier than expected this week. On Friday evening, a number of our students logged into our Zoom service. Unfortunately, we did not have enough people for a minyan, so we asked our religious school students to lead parts of the service. Yishar Kochechem to Marley and Brady Abrams, Talya Dier, and Harrison Baum, for leading our Friday night service! It went so well that we will be planning a once-a-month service led by our children on Friday evenings. We will let you know about future dates.

We had another great week of religious school, as we took steps into the new year after the holidays. On Sunday, our students learned about the first parashah of the year, Bereshit/Genesis, and created storyboards depicting the Creation story. On Tuesday, students learned Parashat HaShavua, Noach, and created amazing "Noah's Arks" out of legos.

Morah Marla took the students on a field trip around the sanctuary and taught students the different purposes of all the different prayer books. She also taught Hebrew/Ivrit through the famous opening words of the parashah. Before snack, we washed our hands (netilat yadayim) and learned the blessings before we eat.

At the end, of our time on Sunday, we came together for Havdallah, something that will become an opening ritual on Sunday mornings. The first students to arrive each week will get to hold the candle, wine and spices!

Starting this week, we will send a recap of our classes on Wednesdays on a weekly basis.

We are looking forward to next week as we formally begin our curriculum, which will focus on Israel, both the land and people, Hebrew, Tefillah/prayer, and more! Kim Beame, our Congregational Director, who was a Director of Education for over 20 years in the Boca community, will be taking over the leadership of our religious school. Under the direction of Kim and me, we know that this will be another wonderful year of religious school.

Rabbi David Baum

Some things to note:

Virtual Junior Congregation
this Shabbat/Saturday, October 9 at 10:15 am

Please have your child log in this Shabbat (on Zoom) for Junior Congregation with Cantor Hadash. Please note, Junior Congregation, which will occur once a month (see full schedule below), should be viewed as part of the religious school experience. Cantor Hadash provides a fun and fresh service for our students and your children will love it!

To join, log in to the service (click here for the Zoom link or find it on our Shabbat Shalom message on Thursday) and enter the waiting room for Junior Congregation.

Teen Education - Post-Bnai Mitzvah

Double vaccinated Post-Bnai Mitzvah teens are invited to learn with Rabbi Baum
this Shabbat, in person, at 11:15 am at Shaarei Kodesh.
Shabbat morning services begin at 9:30 am

Reminder of school times:
Sundays: 9:30 am - 12 pm.

Tuesdays: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Cantor Hadash's Tishrei/Hebrew calendar song! Join us on Shabbat to hear more of Cantor Hadash's original songs and the Shabbat service



All post B'nai Mitzvah Teens are invited to be part of our Madrikhim Program.
Please come Sunday morning or Tuesday afternoon to receive your class assignment and learn how you can help!
(Teens will receive volunteer hours for participating!)