Grades 3-5: Four Questions Challenge!
Passover is coming up! It is traditionally the job of the youngest child at the Seder to recite the Four Questions. It is our goal that all of our grade 3-5 students are able to recite them. We are challenging your child to record a
video of themself chanting the Four Questions by Tuesday, April 7. Please send their video by email to Mikah . The top chanters in each class will receive a special prize!

Learn the Four Questions here .
This Week's Learning Opportunities
Monday, March 30

Tuesday, March 31
  • Hebrew learning sessions - review the schedule here
  • Use your Zoom link from this week; if you need it resent, let Mikah know.

Iris will email parents of students directly if they are working with her (tutoring, bootcamp, etc.). Please reach out to her with any questions.
Activities from your Teachers!
Seder Creations

We would love to see your Passover creations. Send photos of your completed work to Mikah so we can show if off!

Grade 1
The Value of Gratitude

It's important to remember to practice gratitude especially in difficult situations like social distancing. In Hebrew the value for gratitude is HaKarat HaTov literally "recognizing the good." Learn more about this value here .
  • Create a gratitude journal like the ones we have in class! If you don't have a notebook laying around, fold some printer paper in half and staple it like a book. Decorate the front and then write 3 things you feel grateful for each day! Put a day of the week or date on each page and review at the end of the week and the end of the month.
Grade 2
Hebrew Letters Activity

We want to see your awesome Hebrew letter craft! Take photos of them and email them to Mikah .
  • Outline a Hebrew letter (Click here for all of the Hebrew letters) and glue it onto a piece of paper, cardboard, or a paper plate. Fill your letter in with pasta, beads, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, stickers, old cords for technology (we all have a drawer full of them), paper clips...
  • Once your letter is glued onto the paper, write three English words that start with the same sounds as the Hebrew letter and add 3 pictures of things that start with that sounds. (Pictures can be drawn or printed).
  • See how many letters you can do in 1 week.
Grade 3
Learning about the Second Temple

Create something to add to your timeline that represents the Second Temple. Maybe it's a mini model based on the videos below? Maybe it's the High Priest decked out in his robes? Take a photo of your project and send to Mikah .

  • When the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, the Jews were exiled, sent out of Jerusalem, and scattered around the world. They went to Rome, Greece, Africa, and more. This created Jewish communities with their own traditions all over the world.
  • The Abayudaya Jews of Uganda have their own way of pronouncing Hebrew based on their native language. They add a vowel sound to the end of words that end in a consonant. In Hebrew, we say "Am Yisrael Chai," which means "The Jewish people live." Check out this song, which uses the Abayudaya pronunciation of these words.
Grades 4/5
Passover and Hiddur Mitzvah
´╗┐The Value of Making Things Beautiful
It's important to find the beauty in everything, especially when it seems like time are hard, and if we can't find beauty, it's up to us to make it.

Chelsea's Sunday elective has been creating beautiful and functional works of art to beautify our TBA space, what some might think of as their home away from home. Now that we are outside of that space, it is up to all of us to take on that task and beautify our homes. Take a picture of your creations and email it to Mikah .

Read about the meaning of Hiddur Mitzvah and how it connects to Passover. Then discuss with a parent:
  • What were some of the ways that the ancient Israelites practiced Hiddur Mitzvah?
  • What are some modern ways that it's being practiced?
  • Are any of these ideas things we may want to incorporate into our Passover celebration this year?

Embrace Hiddur Mitzvah - Make your Passover more beautiful with these crafts !