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Speeches of the American Presidents, 3rd Edition
Includes over 220 of the most important speeches by all 45 Presidents of the United States, from George Washington to Donald J. Trump.
This resource provides a splendid way to study the institution of the presidency and the management styles of the individual presidents through their own words.

Speeches of the American Presidents has two primary goals: first, to demonstrate the development of speech-making as a political instrument for American presidents; and second, to give readers the sense of a president's character as he addresses issues of vital importance to the nation.

In-depth essays introduce each chapter and speech to reflect upon the president's speech-making abilities and techniques while placing each speech in its historical context. A detailed subject index makes it easy to carry out research and find information about specific speeches and presidents.

Chapters are arranged chronologically by president, and then each speech is arranged chronologically within the chapter.
April 2018
ISBN: 978-1-68217-882-9
Price: $195
Twenty-two new speeches have been added to this edition, covering the presidencies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump, plus new content added to some of the chapters of earlier presidents as well.

Speeches of the American Presidents, Third Edition , is a valuable work through which readers will relive United States history as they consider the words of the men who steered its course.
"This sourcebook will make a welcome addition to any research library. American presidency buffs will also find this volume attractive." -ARBA
"The official news of Lee’s surrender on the 10th of April created an uproar in Washington. That night a large crowd gathered at the White House to “serenade” the president; from the balcony he promised them a speech the following evening. The address—his last—was not celebratory, but cautionary. Lincoln understood better than most in his audience the difficulties presented by the task of Reconstruction, a task made much harder by his murder three days later."
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