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The low unemployment rate and high number of unfilled positions has solidified the candidate driven employment market. Because of this, companies are struggling to attract and hire good people.  Being more flexible on "required skills" and negotiating with desirable candidates will open the door to greater hiring success. 
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Companies Should Remain Flexible on "Requirements"

The established trend of a candidate-driven market has forced companies to examine and implement alternative tactics to attract desired talent. The demand for highly skilled employees is so great, that thinking outside of the box is no longer a luxury but a necessity in terms of recruiting and hiring strategies. One unconventional practice and one that tends to present a major road block when recruiting is the idea of considering candidates with less than exact experience or skills.  Job descriptions/ position profiles have become so narrowly defined and precise in terms of experience, training, education, credentials and requirements that many good,  potential candidates are immediately disqualified.

Hiring managers have a difficult time agreeing to forego a desired skill on paper and therefore end up with few or no people to interview.  Given the greatly diminished pool of active job seekers, and the increase in available jobs, overcoming this obstacle can greatly improve the odds of filling these positions.   Companies need to ditch the old school check list of requirements and be more open minded.

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