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Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

February 2017   
Unlocking the Key to Biological Age - When the ball drops each  January, we inevitably consider the passage of time. We also hope this the year it will be confirmed that age 60 is the new 40. Perhaps, but a 12 year study from 2015 found that the biological age of a 38-year-old can be anywhere from 20 to 60. The adult subjects didn't have any symptoms of aging, but some were growing biologically older almost three times as fast. The possible good news is only about 20 percent of aging can be attributed to genes - mostly it's due to environmental factors.
Researchers agree if we want to intervene in the aging process and give people more active years, we will have to start studying aging in young people, not only those already affected by age-related issues. The primary road block is that it is costly and time consuming to follow patients for years to gauge the effect of a treatment regimen and compare it to the course of natural aging. The goals for scientists and stakeholder companies looking for answers are assessment methods that are fast yet inexpensive.

One of the first steps is the need to accurately determine biological age, and it is not easy as you might imagine. Part of the challenge is researchers not being able to agree on what constitutes a good biological age marker. Correlation between aging and telomere (chromosome) length is a possibility, but results are difficult to interpret. Some researchers are studying data points hidden in blood, which are known to closely correlate age with organ function. Others believe immune function enzymes that flood our body in old age will be the key to predicting pro-aging and pro-youth factors. When they have more definitive answers, researchers and pharmaceutical companies hope to use the information to determine the effectiveness of promising anti-aging drugs and treatments to help us live longer and healthier lives.

The Medical Design and Manufacturing Show in Anaheim
  is a yearly event where you can meet the vendors and manufacturers who can move your medical device concept or next-gen product to the point where it can be manufactured and marketed.

MD&M West Show Anaheim   February 7 - 9, 2017. Free Admission if you register online


Are you looking for a full-service design and engineering firm to develop your medical device or intellectual property?

Your search is over. Since 1984 we have engineered and designed robust and manufacturable medical devices and high-tech products for large corporations, medium-sized firms, and start-ups companies  throughout the U.S.
              Hall D  Space 2582 
Our team will be at the show to help you explore how our personnel, management, and resources can exceed your product development expectations.

Be sure to ask for our 2017 desk calendar when you stop by to introduce yourself.  

OMNICA News and Announcements . . .  
Monkey Business Celebration    
2016 was the year of the Monkey, and the front office decided to make the best of it by hosting a Year of the Monkey Christmas party.

The preparatory "committee
meetings" in the prior weeks were held behind closed doors so the rest of the Omnicans didn't know w hat to expect for this year's theme. When we entered the Atrium and were presented with monkey-faced t-shirts and hats it still wasn't clear, that is until Earl started the show. 

Our lunch table groups of six got in the party mood by decoding monkey-themed anagrams and answering movie trivia questions with the other teams. Then we tested our skills with a PETA-approved sport called
"shoot the monkey through the wreath". (Scott Conway takes aim at right) It was hilarious. Afterwards we devoured enough Italian food for a small cruise ship, and at the conclusion of the meal Earl gifted us with year-end bonus checks . Then it was time for some more team-building festivities.   

Each group moved to a
private area of the facility and built Rube Goldberg machines from a table of construction materials Dan had provided. We had three hours to cobble working contraptions from springs, tubes, peg-board, hot melt, sharp tools, balloons, string, and lots of other stuff. When it was time to demonstrate  team engineering brilliance a slight nudge here and there prompted our hastily built contrivances to whir, turn, and pop as planned. It was a lot of fun and we were all validated with laughs, ho ots, and amused head shaking. I had to leave early, so I don't know who cleaned up the substantial mess.

The 2017 Omnica Calendar is now available.
I want to thank Scott Conway and Andy March for helping me with the monthly images this year. Scott also designed the cover page. If you think you know the source of his inspiration, email your best guess and I'll send you a Starbucks coffee card. Be sure to include your mailing address.  

You should have received the Omnica 2017 desk calendar by now. If you did not, contact me and I'll send one by mail, or you can pick one up at the MDM Show in February (if there are any left).


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