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   June 2016                  
   Local Healthcare Event Updates
Octane Technology Investors Forum - This year's TIF forum was a well-attended two day event in the Irvine Hilton. Many of the 793 visitors met with us at our display area in the main lobby. The conferences featured industry-leading speakers and content that technology developers and healthcare investors consider invaluable: LaunchPad presentations, Mobile Data and Analytics, Value Creation, Crowdfunding, Cybersecurity, and the Importance of Disruptive Technologies. 
The panel I enjoyed most was the Internet of Things (IoT) discussion. The experts examined how the ways we generate and interpret data are changing. In the past, the primary source of data we used to make decisions in our personal and business lives was generated by people, through personal contact, telephone, the media, and observation. Afterwards it was analyzed and crunched by bean counters using spreadsheets and statistics.

With the advent of the IoT, data arriving via the Internet through Things like phones, refrigerators, wearables, our homes, and other remote sensors, has become unmanageable by traditional methods. The only way to make sense of it is to leave analysis and decisions to machines (computers) that control the input and the output. If you are feeling a little out of control don't worry, think about self-driving cars and automatic grocery shopping.

Wearable Technologies  - In April, Omnica hosted the Device Alliance seminar on Wearable Technologies: The Present and the Future. It was standing room only (below), and was attended by nearly 70 members and guests. Three expert panelists asserted that wearable sensors which can remotely monitor our health and well-being, are the future of patient care.

Companies like the SensoScan (Jay Standish) and
TinyKick s are marketing products that offer insights into personal health management, allowing us to play a more proactive role understanding how our body is performing. Sentrian (Lance Myers, PhD.) is developing a remote patient intelligence platform that will examine data continually across millions of patients. Their goal is to develop models that can give healthcare professionals the ability to remotely manage chronic diseases.

As an aside, France Dixon Helfer (TinyKicks) incidentally coined the word "swallowables". She was describing a
relatively new class of wearables that accurately monitor core body functions, which are ingested rather than worn .   Maybe it's time to retire your Fitbit.      

Robot Competition
- We continue to support STEM programs by co-sponsoring (with eight other So. Cal firms) Dana Hills high school's " Robot Dolphins From Outer Space". They are part of the Robot Design Group, a program where students learn the basics of robotic design, building, and programming. The Dolphins made it to the 2016 First Robotic World Championships, a "capture the tower" competition. It's an accomplishment only the top 8% of all worldwide robotic teams achieve.  
We availed the team use of our abrasive waterjet, and modelmaker Mike Ammerman who programmed the cutting paths for the panels and parts we machined. The students performed all of the original design and engineering on the project.

    Omnica News and Announcements . . .

Permanent Vacation - Late last year Bob Fish, our Senior Electrical
Engineer for 17 years, bought an RV. We all knew what that meant. In mid-April Bob started a new job - permanent vacation. A real task, since he and Laura (the wife) will be working their way through the National Parks in no particular order over the next many months (year?) or who knows how long. They have family to visit, sights to see, and new friends to meet (not a problem for Bob). At Omnica, Bob was typically in a jovial mood, quick with a smile, full of useful information and eager to share. We wish Bob and Laura happy trails.
Into the Future - Senior employees at Omnica comprise a small percentage of our 28-person in-house team. But the term is somewhat misleading, considering the average employee time on the job here is 16 years.   
This has been an exceptional year. We are elevating our game in both the caliber of clients and project size, causing Earl's duties to expand significantly. In an effort to assign new responsibilities and clearly define employee roles for our clients, Tim Payne, Brad Sargent, Ph.D., and Paul Gleason have been respectively promoted to VP of Industrial Design, VP of Engineering, and Senior Vice President. This change will keep Omnica running smoothly into the future, and maybe Earl can go home earlier.

Expanded Machining Capabilities - There is a new toy (that's what we call them) in the machine shop, the Haas Super Mini Mill. Andy Tran (right), our lead machinist gained experience with Haas machines when he was a TA for 2 years at Orange Coast College where their entire CNC training program is outfitted with Haas equipment. I asked him "what's the big deal", since we already have Fadal and a Hurco CNC mills.  
The Haas is a modern workhorse that is significantly faster than the Fadal (the Hurco is more of a manually managed CNC mill), easier to program, maintain, and set up. Andy requested the purchase, and he believes for the kind of work we do, it is a perfect combination of cost, speed, and modern programmability. Our machining services have expanded to the point where we would suffer a real backlog if it weren't for the new addition. As it stands we continue to remain ahead of the curve. Above, the Haas rep introduces our team to the Super Mini Mill.

Employment Opportunity
- We are looking for two experienced people, an Electrical Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer, but we have two inflexible requirements:

      1) Minimum 5 years healthcare product development experience - no recent graduates.
      2) Applicants should live within a reasonable commuting distance from our facility.
Electrical Engineer - Minimum requirements
Experience in firmware development for embedded systems
PCB layout and Analog systems knowledge is advantageous
Schematic development for microprocessor-based, electro-mechanical systems
Familiarity with FDA regulated medical device development      

Mechanical Engineer
- Minimum requirements
Solidworks 3D CAD proficiency.
Fundamental materials knowledge of plastics, metals, and processes.
Familiarity with FDA regulated medical device development
If you are self-motivated and meet our requirements, email your resume.      

June Calendar Quiz -
  What two objects are orbiting Earth in the June calendar image? For a free Starbucks Coffee Card, email  the correct answer. If you are having a hard time concentrating, read about the 11 reasons coffee is good for you. Do you want a 2016 Omnica desk calendar? Contact me before they are gone.  
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