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Friends of Nazareth and the University of North Alabama Partnership Launched
Photos from top to bottom.
  1. Dr. Kitts, President of UNA extends a personal welcome to Fadi.
  2. Dr. Zhang hosted Fadi, the Johnsons and the Chisams for lunch on his arrival and was a strong advocate for him attending UNA.
  3. Dr. Roger Mardis, President of FON attended the International Student Welcoming event.
  4. Fadi with host family, Gerald and Janet Johnson.
Fadi Abu Khadra, First UNA student in history from the State of Israel
On August 11, 2019 NBS graduate Fadi Abu Khadra arrived in the USA to begin his academic journey at the University of North Alabama (UNA), Florence, Alabama. Fadi has had a busy and exciting time since arriving. He met his host family, Janet and Gerald Johnson, and stayed a few days at their beautiful lake home before checking into his dorm. Fadi's UNA scholarship includes his dorm housing and an academic supplement.

In order to register for classes, he was required to take an English placement test. He passed the test without any issue and was among the few international students to do so! Thank you NBS for your excellent preparation. This accomplishment means that he can begin immediately to take his core business courses.

On behalf of FON, thank you Dr. Yousef Abu Khadra and Nadira Deeb (Fadi's parents) and Dr. Chunsheng Zhang, Senior Vice Provost for International Affairs
University of North Alabama and members of The Well Church, Florence, AL for their amazing support and partnership.

Fadi, the Friends of Nazareth family is praying for you and your success!

NBS graduates are invited to consider UNA as a possible University of choice. Please contact Mimi Brookshire or Botrus Mansour for more information.
Remediation and Renovations at NBS
Thank you Friends of Nazareth! Your donations to matching campaigns have enabled FON to partner with NBS and its Parents' Committee to accomplish greatly needed improvements at the school.

These projects are significant. The time allowed to do major construction is limited. Work began in mid-July and must be completed no later than September 2. Pray for safety and successful completion of each project that is underway.
Supporting pillars underneath the high school were enlarged and large amounts of steel reinforcement were added to the structure. This major effort was required to strengthen the building to meet earthquake standards.
Concrete is installed and is ready for the next phase of construction.
It's always those things beneath the surface that create the most trouble...this is true in our lives as well as in construction. The pipes beneath the courtyard surface are well past their life expectancy or their ability to handle the increased usage. The northern courtyard is being removed, new water/sewage lines are being installed and the surface is being replaced. This should eliminate a safety hazard where the surface was cracked and uneven from the leakage.
Steel reinforcement will add to the safety of the structure in the event of an earthquake.
The former library space is being converted to add additional classroom space. The library can be reduced in size due to the increased use of electronic resources.
The patio over the school's entrance was heavily damaged during the 2018 rains and was also a threat in the event of an earthquake. The top level is being resurfaced and the structural columns, railings and ceiling are being repaired and strengthened. This photo shows the separation of the patio surround from the building.
Summer Program Ends
Best Ever!
Six full weeks of summer programs for K-9th graders , two weeks of SAT training for students and graduates and MAJOR construction efforts! It has been a BUSY and KINGDOM honoring summer.

There were 634 campers, about 80 indigenous counselors and 115 FON team members. Facebook hits were over 10,000 for all camps. That's a record 829 learning and teaching God's Word!

None of this would be possible without the support of FON partners and NBS leaders. It's a partnership that brings new meaning to collaboration for the Kingdom! Thank you!
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Friends of Nazareth
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