Month of July
One Combined Service at 9:30.
Attend in-person or livestream .
                Context determines meaning. Namely, we each have different experiences with anything. In this season especially, I try to let this inform my prayers. Some have lost loved ones and not had funerals. Some have lost vacations. Some have lost employment. Some struggle to live. While others have had funerals, have been on vacation, have turned a profit and still others have welcomed new life. Although we are all in this together, we each have a unique position and posture. Because of this reality, I believe it is all the more important for us to bend towards grace. 
               Church attendance in the western world has been changing dramatically in the last 20 years (click Pew Research to see more). I believe that what we are experiencing through this pandemic will continue to morph the concept and practice of attending church. 
               At this time, although things could change at any moment, our Vision Leadership Team have discerned to continue gathering for worship on Sundays in an extremely careful way. We have no timetable for any other ministry programs. I want you to know that we encourage you to stay home and to regard your safety with the highest priority. Consider gathering for worship through our live stream at or maybe worship with your family in your own way. For those who come in-person, we pray for you. For those who stay home, we bless you. Wherever you may, I do encourage you to connect with one another: call, write, drive by or send a carrier pigeon. In all things we ask for God’s unending grace. 
Peace of Christ to you,
Jake Maxwell
Pastor, Second Baptist Lubbock
(No RSVP required)

July 19, 2020

One Combined Service at 9:30 am
for the month of July

Scripture Reading:
Litany of Petition - Psalm 139:1-12, 23-24, MSG
Gospel - Romans 8:16-25

B & B
Book Study Group
Call it Grace
 by Serene Jones
Serene Jones is the first President of
Union Theological Seminary
and is familiar with Second B.
Anyone is invited to join B & B. 
At this time the group is meeting via
Google Hangout every Tuesday @ 10:00 am.
Contact La Nelle Ethridge for more information.

Habitat for Humanity Blitz Home Build

Planned for
September 7 - 17, 2020

Volunteers will build 24 hours a day to help 
complete multiple homes in Lubbock. 

AM/PM time slots available.

If interested contact:

Suicide Prevention Walk

Sunday, September 13 from 1-4 pm

Frazier Alumni Pavilion

New Secure Drop Box

An outdoor secure drop box has been installed for your convenience.

This drop box is located at the south entrance on the left corner wall.
Keep in Touch with Prayer Cards

A marked container is outside the church south entrance
doors on the sidewalk with bagged blank prayer cards for pick
up. Completed prayer cards can be placed in the large attached envelope or the new drop box (see above) for us to
process and mail.
Prayer Shawl Group

Yarn for prayer shawls is available
at the church office. (806-783-0202)
You can pick some up if you
need something to do! 
If you know someone in need
of a prayer shawl,
we have a few of those also.
If you would like to be notified of important and urgent prayer request and care needs, please notify  to include you in email updates. We hope to directly inform you regarding time sensitive, pressing updates including details of funerals, deaths, hospitalizations, etc.
Financial Snapshot: 

As of the month ending 5/31/20:
YTD Budgeted Offerings =                                     $484,206
YTD Actual Offerings =                                           $500,065
YTD Budgeted Expenses =                                     $471,276
YTD Actual Budgeted Expenses =                         $419,316
YTD Actual Capital Reserves Expenditures =     $112,985

Thank you for your continuing generosity!
Helpful Office Contacts:

Room Set-Up or Maintenance Requests : Mike Spann

Prayer Requests/Hospital Updates and
Calendar Questions: Darcy Gray

Financial Office: Tanya Wofford

Tentative Upcoming Dates
for Your Calendar: 

Aug 9 (Tentative) Sheryl Gallarneau Ordination to Christian Ministry, 5:00 pm, 2nd B
Aug 23 (Tentative) Anniversary Sunday Event
Aug 26 (Tentative) Fall Schedule Begins
Beloved Community: