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Truefitt & Hill is the oldest Men's 
Shaving line in the World, established 
in London, England in 1805. What started as a modest gentleman's barbershop has transformed into  the World's foremost expert in Men's grooming!

See the 1805 Gift Set! 
So nice!
The 1805 Gift Set includes:
One 1805 Shaving Cream Tub (5.82 oz),
one 1805 Aftershave Balm
(3.38 oz.) and
one 1805 Cologne
(3.38 oz.) = $145.00.  
Trafalgar scent is pictured.
Pre-Shave Oil 
Use prior to your Shaving  
Cream to prepare the skin for the perfect shave. Contains  
10 Essential Oils and will not clog the pores.
$30.00 (2.0 oz.)
Cleansing Scrub   
  The Scrub will unclog pores
and removed dead skin cells.
It will force the hair of the skin to stand up, making it easier for the razor blade to catch each hair the 1st time.
$24.00 (3.3 oz.)
The Shaving products are excellent!
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the W. Indian Lime and Almond --->  
Truefitt & Hill

1805 Shaving Cream 
Tube $22.00 (2.6 oz.) 
Tub $$30.00 (5.8 oz.) 
Scent: A fresh oceanic fragrance with top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Cardamon, combined with Lavender, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood and a Musk base. The 1st of the Shaving Collection, dating back to when Truefitt & Hill opened.
Grafton Shaving Cream 
Tube $22.00 (2.6 oz.) 
Tub $30.00 (5.8 oz.) Scent: A classic masculine aroma with a fresh spicy green herbaceous opening, combined with a dry spicy floral heart, leading onto notes of precious Woods and Amber, with a hint of Leather. Said to be Winston Churchill's favorite!  

Need a Badger Brush?
eShave Badger Hair Brushes are hand made in NYC by an Artisan, one piece at a time. These brushes are made with 100% Badger Hair to exfoliate, generate a rich lather, soften and raise the hair for a close and comfortable shave.  
Badger Brush & Twist Stand
 Brush - $60.00 ~ Twist Stand - $40.00

 The Twist Chrome Plated Shaving Stand is perfectly designed 
to hold  the eShave Shaving Brush, allowing the water to 
drip down and preserve the life of the Brush. The Twist Stand  
is sculpted in NYC and is an elegant way  to display and maintain the  Shaving Brush.
CLICK TO ---> eShave Shaving Products   
If you're in the area, come to the 
Plymouth Art Center
on Saturday, December 8th between  
11:00 - 2:00.
Lily will be there and can show you the  
Shaving Creams, Brushes and Stands. 
Located at 11 North Street, Plymouth, MA 02360 
Click on the image to read more about the Art Center!
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