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Please note below an Addendum to last week's Friday Five, published on May 18, 2019.

After receiving comments from our members, it is clear we need to clarify a point in relation to the legislative actions taken in Alabama this week.


1.  The Alabama abortion ban law has a provision that allows for a "severe mental health" exception for abortion . The language reads thus: "The term (abortion) does not include a procedure or act to terminate unborn child has a lethal anomaly (and) a woman has a diagnosed serious mental illness and because of it, there is reasonable medical judgment that she will engage in conduct that could result in her death or the death of her unborn child. If the mental health diagnosis and likelihood of conduct is confirmed as provided in this act, and it is determined that a termination of her pregnancy is medically necessary to avoid the conduct."
This loophole appears on first read to be a very narrow set of circumstances, but it is an exception that can be exploited by the abortion industry. RTLACO does not support the inclusion of this language in this legislation or any other bill. Thanks to our friends at SAVE THE 1 for pointing this out.
2.  The Ohio Life At Conception Act (HB565) does NOT have such exceptions in the measure. RTLACO and our member groups work diligently to present legislation that does not have exceptions and we work to prevent such loopholes from being inserted into pro-life legislation during the legislative process. We also work to remove such loopholes if bills are introduced by other interests with such language exceptions in them.
3.  This is where our Coalition networks shine. It is very appreciated when legislation, whether local, state or national is moving or being adopted, and a member group or our national partners, find critical flaws in such policies, that those concerns are voiced so we can all work to make such legislation stronger.  
We will definitely report such here in our Friday Five.

Friday Five

Barry Sheets, Legislative Consultant
May 24, 2019

As we head into Memorial Day weekend when we honor and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, let us also remember those who have been sacrificed on the altar of "choice."


1 Lawsuit watch 5 : So far, crickets. The ACLU's lawsuit against the Heartbeat Law, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief for a handful of abortion clinics who claim abortion is a constitutional right under the Roe v. Wade ruling, has not been acted upon in any fashion by Senior Judge Michael Barrett. It is a fair assumption to believe he may issue a temporary injunction against the law becoming effective until the case is decided, but that hasn't occurred as of this writing. Stay tuned, but remember: grass grows quicker than the legal process moves on these types of suits.
2 Speaking of the Heartbeat Law, Tuesday saw a handful of "#StopTheBans" protests take place in various locations throughout the state, including in Columbus and Dayton . One thing that's very humorous to think about with this "street theater": a handful of pro-abortion activists gathered to protest outside of Governor Mike DeWine's office, but that act is like closing the door after the horse is out of the barn-he signed the bill over a month ago! 
3 Most of the focus this week in Columbus was definitely NOT on the "my body, my choice" crowd, but on the state's biennial operating budget , as the Senate is making their contributions in determining how to spend $150.4 billion dollars (all funds) provided by Ohio's taxpayers. A number of potential amendments have been submitted to Senate President Larry Obhof's office, including some funding requests for certain life-affirming programs, which we will discuss in more detail in a subsequent installment. A Senate substitute bill and omnibus amendment package will likely be voted on in the next week or two, and then sent back to the House. The House will likely not agree to the changes, and a committee of conference between the two chambers will convene to iron out the differences and send a final report to the House and Senate to vote on to finalize the process. The budget must be submitted to, and signed by, Governor Mike DeWine before July 1 st, the start of the state's fiscal year.
4 It is said that art imitates culture, or that may be the other way around . Either way, a new program on streaming video service Hulu is centered around abortion as the magic solution to a woman's self-identity crisis. Helen Lamm of the Ohio Star blog  writes  about this latest attempt by Hollywood to indoctrinate a generation into believing abortion is a solution and not a further tragedy. ( NOTE: There  is some inappropriate language used in the article- reader be warned .)
5 House Bill 90, the Humanity of the Unborn Education Act  sponsored by Rep. Niraj Antani, will have its fifth hearing in the House Health Committee on Tuesday, May 28th , beginning at 11 a.m. It is for all testimony (proponents, opponents, interested parties) and amendments may be offered on it. If you or someone in your organization would like to attend or submit written testimony in support of this bill to make sure that the physical development of the unborn from conception through birth is taught in our public schools,  please email me (consult@principledconsult.com) by Monday.



Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA)
The Director is Laurie Stevenson, a veteran of the agency. She was formerly the Deputy Director for Business Relations where she served as a primary contact for regulated entities to help coordinate permitting activities within the Agency, particularly for complex projects requiring multiple permits. She also served as chief of Ohio EPA's Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance.  She held previous positions in Ohio EPA's Division of Hazardous Waste Management, starting in the Southeast District Office as a hazardous waste field inspector. Director Stevenson holds a B.S. in Environmental Health from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Public Health from The Ohio State University.
Senator Joe Uecker (R)
The second term senator from the 14th  District in southwest Ohio calls Loveland home. Senator Uecker was formerly a trustee in Miami Township before being called to service first in the Ohio House and then in the Senate. He serves as chair of the Senate Local Government, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs Committee, vice-chair of the Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Committee, and vice-chairman of the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) which ensures that rules written by agencies to carry out legislation are in keeping with the intent of the Legislature. Uecker is a Pro-Life champion and sponsor of Senate Bill 27, the bill to insure humane disposal of the remains of babies killed in abortion. 
Representative Jeffrey LaRe (R)
The brand-new (appointed this week) Representative from the 77th  House District in Central Ohio is a resident of Violet Township. A former law enforcement officer for the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office, he is the Executive Vice President of the Whitestone Group, a security consulting company.  LaRe has not cast votes on Pro-Life issues at this point, nor has he introduced legislation. 
Representative Dave Leland (D)
Leland represents the 22nd  House District in Columbus, including the Ohio State University area. On his second cycle as a representative, he is in his 3rd  term. A former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, Leland is the ranking minority member on the House Criminal Justice Committee. Leland's voting record (both cycles) has been fully pro-abortion.
Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan (D)
The third term member from Youngstown's 58th  District is the Director of the Performing Arts Series at Youngstown State University. Hagan succeeded her husband in the seat. She is the ranking member of the Commerce and Labor Committee, and also serves on the House Health Committee. She votes consistently against pro-life legislation.
Our District 5 (Southwest Ohio) Meeting this week was a Great Success! Several of our member groups were there and we added some new ones!

Our next District Meeting is in District 2 (Northwest Ohio) on Saturday, June 15th from 9-12 in Findlay, Ohio 45840, at the Evangelical Free Church Details to follow .  

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