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Max Gould and his dad worked side by side on Max's first car, a 1970 Nova. A high school student, Max didn't have much experience working on cars, but he did his research and learned hands on by turning the wrenches himself. He saved up his money and part by part, he built a great, LS Fest Burnout Competition champion of a car in just 8 months!

The folks at Driving Line asked him what his favorite garage work was so far on the car and Max answered:   "My favorite garage work so far has been installing my Tremec TKO 600 transmission".

Driving Line did a couple articles on Max, first "RIDE OF THE WEEK: A MADE-FOR-THRILLS '70 CHEVY NOVA" which lists many of the components of his build and has a great video too. The second article was an interview and video of him driving his car and doing burnouts that probably has EVERY kid EVER dying of jealousy (and well, adults too). Trust us, if you're feeling burned out and tired of all the meticulous work put into your build, this video will fire you up as you imagine doing burnouts thanks to Max! "WATCH BURNOUT MAX"

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Here in the south, we're only a few weeks away from convertible weather! Now is the time to install a new overdrive transmission! If you purchase this month, you'll get free shipping and a free SST t-shirt.

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EPAS Power Steering at Work!
EPAS Power Steering kits (available in our web store) are a great addition to your classic car. This video will show exactly how much effort it takes to turn the steering wheel of a car with and without the electronic power steering. You'll be surprised! Watch the other EPAS videos to see installs and more.

Quality Assurance by Testing
Silver Sport Transmissions TREMEC TKO Spin Test
Did you know Silver Sport Transmissions has a spin test and leak test machine in house? With these we're able to quality check our transmissions and give the best customer service. Corvette Online did a great article on our spin test machine  here .
SST Customers on TV and in Magazines!
Graveyard Carz Superbird Clone - SST Equipped

If you've been watching season 8 of Graveyard Carz, you know they've been working on a '70 Superbird clone. It debuted at SEMA with the new Mopar "Hellcrate" 6.2 L HEMI Engine Kit. In this video, you'll hear Mark Worman talk about how he wanted to keep everything inside and out looking factory. If you have watched his shows, you know he's a purist when it comes to Mopars. That's exactly why he chose to put a TREMEC 6-Speed from Silver Sport Transmissions in the Superbird. He loved the looks and performance of our kit so much on the 1971 HEMI Cuda, he called us up again. Do you need a PerfectFit™ for your Mopar? Get a Quick Quote!

Tom Gipe's '71 Cuda on the cover of Mopar Muscle
If you get Mopar Muscle, March 2018's cover car belongs to our customer, Tom Gipe. His '71 Cuda has our TREMEC TKO PerfectFit™ Kit. It's a really special car, one of the last HEMI's to be built by Dick Landy Industries. Read all about it and see a photo gallery with 74 images  online.

Did someone say "MURDER?!"
NCIS: New Orleans on CBS recently filmed an episode called "The Last Mile" which is scheduled to air February 27th. They filmed portions of the episode at The Bomb Factory NOLA, one of our installation centers. If you're a fan of crime dramas, you may enjoy this episode, and perhaps you'll see our shop banner hanging in the background of some of the scenes! 

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