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December 2017
Merry Christmas, 
Family & Friends!

There are so many "small" things we can do to bless our Children Are People family. Prayerfully read through this month's newsletter and see if God speaks to you about meeting a need for these dear ones. 
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Pastor Titus on Mt. Elgon

Pastor Titus graciously sends me his receipts every month showing how he used the funds we send him. Through supporters' donations, CAP is providing for his school lunch program feeding about 60 children every school day.
This past month, he included this photo of three-year-old  Laurence Wekesa Mulongo, whose mother deserted him and married another man very far from the child's home. His father is mentally sick, so Laurence is staying with the grandmother, who is unable to take care of him. " This boy has never stood up. One eye doesn't see. One hand seems to have no strength. Both legs do not have strength to stand up. They have never sent this child to the hospital that they may examine or check all of the concerns of this child," reports Pastor Titus.
If possible, CAP could send the child to be examined and find out what could be done for his vision and his legs. I am hopeful for more, but a wheelchair at least so he could be transported without the grandmother having to carry him.  Let me know if you want to help.

Central Baptist Women (ABW) - Joy Circle of Quincy, IL raised $300, over half of the $500 Pastor Titus needs to buy a cart and harness for his donkey, Safari.  If you want to help, let me know. We might make it by Christmas!?  P.S. Another $100 just came in!

Other Pastors on Mt. Elgon

Pastor Davidson feeds children on the mountain a Christmas meal each year.  The needs of one family are greater than food this Christmas.  The family pictured lost all their bedding in a fire one morning while attending church. It gets cold on the mountain, so we want to provide a bed or two, plus mattresses and bedding. 
A good mattress is $30-$50; warm blankets are about $20.
In 2018 we hope to purchase an acre or so of land for Pastor Davidson to grow crops. He also wants to build a school for 3-5-year-old children on one corner of the property.  This would be our second Children Are People site in Kenya. 
Our organization is registered as a society in Kenya which gives us permission to own sites in any country in East Africa. 

Feeding Program

In the Philippines, Bretha Lumanatis faithfully feeds children and teaches them God's Word weekly. She does so much with very little.  

Pictured: A few children receiving "new to them" shoes. Pastor John is able to purchase good used shoes locally. Many more are needed when you have 100 pairs of feet. ha
Pastor John & Tabby

Pastor John and Tabby continue to work very hard caring for the children, overseeing the CAP school and pastoring the ever- growing church in Moi's Bridge.
The Christmas meal (including chicken) is cooked by each house mom for her group of children each year. When we send the funds, John will divide the monies according to the number
Of children in the house. Biscuits (cookies) and sweeties (candy) will follow their meal. Food for this meal costs about $300-$350. If you would like to give towards the meal,  please indicate it when giving. 
Looking forward to 2018:
  1. The greatest challenge is completing the cafeteria for the school. We were hoping to finish the building before school starts again in January, but that is questionable.
  2. Another challenge is providing school fees, uniforms, shoes, and personal care for the 100+ children. 
  3. Looking for ways to provide more self-sustainability.
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Thank you for giving the children another year of food, shelter and education.  And for remembering to send your checks without me having to remind you.  How great of a group you are!  Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!  
Gratefully yours,
Dixie Koch

Mailing address: Children Are People, PO Box 5113, Quincy, IL 62305