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December 2018

Merry Christmas from Children Are People

Dear Friends of CAP,

    Since we formed CAP eleven years ago, the children's lives improved in huge proportions.  From the refugees camps of 104 degrees with no schools and monthly food rations gone in days to Moi's Bridge, Kenya, the difference is staggering. The photos we now have show well-fed children, clothes without holes and happy students in decent schools.  Wow, what a change?!  Our CAP School received an award and our children are making higher marks than the Kenyan students sitting next to them. If I boast, I only boast to say "look what the Lord has done." 
   For the future, we look to expand the school adding more grades, more classrooms, more teachers and yikes, more to the budget. When the time is right,
we will acquire a bit more land. The vision is always bigger than we are so God gets the credit. The needs are always great and every gift is significant to meet a need.
We plan to take a team back in 2019 to continue the work with Pastors John and Tabby, increase our work on Mt. Elgon as funds allow and revisit our expansion into Uganda. I don't want to grow too fast to overextend our budget or grow too slow while children suffer.  Please pray we have the balance as support grows with us.
   I can't thank each of you enough for the giving finances, fundraising by selling scrubby pads and crafts, and sewing goods to sell here or take there. Special thanks to Central Baptist Church in Quincy and Fountain of Life in Springfield, MO. To all others for sending just the right amount at the right time! Only the Lord knows!
Thank you Oasis Church and supporters in Iowa for making Christmas this year special. Chickens for Christmas meals, shoes and clothing items are in the process.  Asante sana!! (Thank you!)


There are so many "small" things we can do to bless our CAP family. Prayerfully read through this month's newsletter and see if God speaks to you about meeting a need for these dear ones. 
  • Through December 31st, use PayPal's Holiday Campaign donate page when giving to CAP and they'll actually add 1% to your donation to benefit charity, plus pay for the fees.  Simply click this link to give that little extra!
  • Do you use Amazon for your shopping? The Amazon Smile program gives a portion of your purchase price to charity! Wrap-up your holiday shopping by clicking on this link and Children Are People Inc. benefits!

Moi's Bridge, Kenya: Pastor John & Tabby

Pastor John and Tabby were busy the last couple of months:


The preschool graduation took place in October. The small children were  dismissed to provide quiet for older students to take end of year testing. CAP School received an outstanding award for being #1 school in their zone or district.  Now parents of the town want to enroll their children in CAP school. Look out January enrollment for 2019!


They celebrated the 14th anniversary of the church with afternoon street meetings and evening revival meetings where many came to Jesus. You can see in the photo that many children responded to the preaching. The services ran for one week day and night.


Pastor Tabby took a trip to Egypt and Israel with her family, who invited her and paid her way. Pastor John said as he pouted, "How could she say no?" :)

Updates from Mt. Elgon: Pastor Margaret

Pastor Margaret, a retired public school teacher, administrates this academy where she takes children fleeing tribal conflict o n the mountain.  Her teachers receive $30 per month salary which is difficult to pay with so many orphans. The parents s he does have are a good help with the s chool.
We could really use a sponsor for her school to provide lunch and books.  Each time she sends a report, she is building another classroom to accommodate the new influx of students. The building  Is a simple structure of a timber skeleton filled with mud and grass bricks (more like blobs). Students leave the nearby s chools to enroll in hers because she so loves the children.

Be a Blessing this Christmas

Pastor Davidson is caring for about 20 children near his home on the mountain. Would you help us provide treatment for this 8-year old boy who has jiggers in his hands and feet? With $400 we can buy meds for this boy, c lothes for others, and their Christmas meal.

*  *  *

A Million Thanks

Pastor Titus reports his students of early childhood graduated in late October too. He thanks our Georgia supporters and others "million" times.!
Central Baptist Church sent extra funds to keep the donkey well fed. Other supporters of Pastor Titus provide his school children with l unch every day and their teachers. Looking forward to seeing them all in 2019.

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Thank you for giving the children another year of food, shelter and education.  And for remembering to send your checks without me having to remind you. How great of a group you are!  Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!  
Gratefully yours,
Dixie Koch

Mailing address: Children Are People, PO Box 5113, Quincy, IL 62305