Alberto Alesina In Memoriam
Alberto Alesina - 2018
Alberto Alesina's sudden passing on May 23, 2020 was a great loss to the CES community and the world of academia and economics. Alberto, who served as the Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy at Harvard, was a longtime CES Faculty Associate and a frequent contributor to the discussions organized by the  European Economic Policy Forum  at the Center. 

In his memory and honor, we share some recent tributes and a video recording of a CES seminar in which he spoke. Alberto’s intellectual leadership, mentorship, creativity and sense of humor will be greatly missed, but his legacy will timelessly endure in the pathbreaking ideas and wisdom he shared with the world.
Recent Tributes
Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard University
The Washington Post , May 24, 2020

Jeffry Frieden, Harvard University
May, 26, 2020

Fay Asimakopoulos  and  Petra Laura Oreskovic (2020 graduates of Harvard College)
The Harvard Crimson – June 4, 2020

Camille G. Caldera, Crimson Staff Writer
The Harvard Crimson, May 31, 2020

Liz Mineo, Harvard Staff Writer
The Harvard Gazette , May 27, 2020

Gita Gopinath, International Monetary Fund
Finance and Development, June 2, 2020

Noah Smith, Bloomberg Columnist
Bloomberg, May 30, 2020
Recent CES Recording
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