Remembering David Loye

My beloved husband and partner David Loye died of Covid during the night of January 24, 2022. This was two days after we celebrated our 45th Anniversary.

I am blessed to have had these extraordinary years with David, with this amazingly wonderful, brilliant, creative, witty, and loving man. He was my best friend, the love of my life. I am devastated, but want to share with you the short obituary I wrote in his honor as well as a few photos.

David was truly remarkable, still writing and researching almost up to the end, despite his age and failing health. He worked hard all his life to make the world better.

To continue his legacy, the David Loye Memorial Fund was created to spread and further his vital research and writing on evolution, his pioneering recovery of what Darwin really said about humansmoral sensitivitylove, and more, including David's books.

In lieu of flowers, if you are so moved, you can donate to the David Loye Memorial Fund here.

You can also leave a message of condolence and/or share a memory of David here.

Please keep David in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.
With love,
Riane Eisler
Grandfather's Garden
In 2019, David Loye published his first-ever collection of children’s stories, Grandfather’s Garden.

What better way to spend a few minutes of your afternoon than diving into David’s tales of youthful wonder?

Join Riane Eisler for a rare interview with Grandfather’s Garden author David Loye: