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Beloved Volunteer Doris Brittenham Remembered
Doris Brittenham, a Cancer Foundation volunteer in the chemotherapy room for more than eleven years, passed away earlier this month.
Doris was a beautiful person who was exceptionally vivacious and fun. Some knew her as the woman with those beautiful blue eyes. To others it was her flair for fashion and fun, including donning a black leather outfit to sell raffle tickets for a Harley Davidson motorcycle at our Sweetheart Auction! To the cancer patients she served, Doris was the kind flower lady, who purchased flowers every week to hand out to patients undergoing treatment in the chemotherapy room.

As one of her fellow volunteers shared, "We were all blessed to know a 90 year old who showed us how unselfish and compassionate we can be at that age. What a template she was and I shall never look at a rose again without thinking of her.  I hope those beautiful blue eyes watch over us as we volunteer."

Doris lived a long and vibrant life, celebrating her 90th birthday in March with a big party attended by her family and friends. We will miss her and her stories.

A flower arrangement by Jane Messinger in the chemotherapy room in tribute to Doris.

Annual Care Campaign Update 

With only two weeks left in the Cancer Foundation Annual Care Campaign we find ourselves shy of our goal. Please consider making a gift now. Every donation helps, here's how:
  • $25 helps toward mileage reimbursement, grocery cards or lodging for a patient in treatment

  • $50 provides one grocery card to help a patient get nutritious meals during treatment

  • $100 covers travel reimbursement for three round trips for treatment in Santa Fe for a patient from Taos

  • $250 underwrites one month of a professionally-led support group for newly diagnosed patients

  • $500 offers two weeks of hotel lodging for a patient during treatment 
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