January 6,2020
Walking with Refugees,
Remembering Jesus after Epiphany

Soon after the wise men's gifts were opened at the manger where the star had led them, dream warnings began to come for how to escape the wrath of Herod. The Wise Men returned another way, and the Holy Family fled to Egypt; not unlike the journeys millions of refugees are taking to seek safety today. Here's how you can remember and honor the journeys of Jesus' family, and refugees, following Epiphany and onward:

1) READ THIS EPIPHANY DEVOTION about migrants seeking safety this season.

2) BE INSPIRED by Rev. Allison Lanza's account of how Ridgelea Christian Church pampered refugees with love over the holiday season!

3) SEE THIS SERMON HERE on Epiphany and refugees, by Rev. Phil Miller, Disciples clergy serving in Greensboro, N.C.

4) RAISE FAITH VOICES IN PRAYER for refugees this Wednesday, as the US Court in Greenbelt, Md. hears the case of three faith resettlement agencies against last Fall's Executive Order requiring all states/localities to submit letters in order to resettle refugees. See the Press Release HERE .
See this TOOLKIT to plan prayers and a vigil of your own.

5) CONTACT YOUR STATE/LOCAL LEADERS to see if they've not already submitted their agreement to resettle--due the middle of January! Here are the 10 states still remaining:
Alabama Florida Georgia Hawaii Mississippi New York South Carolina Texas Vermont W yoming
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