Lynette Jaramillo
   Lynette Jaramillo, co-founder of Casa de la Luz with Agnes Poore, and Casa’s CEO and visionary, died unexpectedly last week at age 78.
  We are sad about this loss for our community. Our hearts and prayers go out to Agnes, to Lynette’s family, to everyone at Casa de la Luz, and to all who have been graced by Lynette’s life.
  We didn’t get to say “goodbye,” which is what Casa has helped thousands of people do. And we didn’t get to celebrate Lynette’s life with her, another founding value of Casa. What a life it was. The Daily Star’s Carmen Duarte wrote a good story; you can find it here.
  Lynette Jaramillo had a great passion for hospice, building one of Oro Valley’s largest businesses on the foundation of caring for people in an inevitable and difficult moment. She was classy, smart, gracious, tough when she needed to be, candid when warranted. Yet even in those moments, when Lynette was telling you (me) something you should know, she guided you toward the light. Hacia' La Luz.
  Lynette was a consistent, vocal supporter of your Chamber, always offering praise, ideas and wisdom. As a successful entrepreneur, she counseled and encouraged women in business and career. She showed up. She cared deeply for this place and its people.
  In 2014, Lynette and Agnes summoned us to their immaculate Oracle Road campus, where Lynette told us Casa wasn’t investing enough money in your Chamber, then became a $2,500 Copper member. That doesn’t happen every day. And, for years before the pandemic, and we hope after it, Casa de la Luz has graciously hosted our monthly board meetings in its board room.
  In 2016, Lynette and Agnes were recipients of your Chamber’s Legacy Award, given to people whose accomplishments will live on. Lynette, and Agnes, are such people, and we feel lucky to have celebrated the work of Lynette's life with her those years ago.
  Truly, Lynette Jaramillo was one of the greats. In the words of David Fitzsimmons, Daily Star cartoonist, writer and Lynette’s friend, she lived “a life rich with meaning and purpose.”
  May we all do as well.
-   Dave Perry
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