Martin Luther King Jr. Day
by Jared Vazquez, Associate Director of International Diversity and Inclusion
and Valerie Elaine Deering, Poet Laureate of MCC Detroit

Today we remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In one of his most famous speeches he told us that he had a dream. In that dream people from all walks of life and skin color would be free from the tyranny of hate. In that world he hoped for each of us would be judged by what lies deep in our hearts, and not by what is visible on the surface of our bodies.
Dr. King died for the sake of that dream and it remains incumbent on us to continue the work he and so many others began long ago and for which they sacrificed so much. In our current political climate, punctuated with so much anger, division, and intolerance it is easy to be swept away and become consumed by the fight. But let us take a moment today to pause and reflect on the words of Valerie Deering below so that we may reorient ourselves to serving peace and not the fight.

Reflections on a King

Dear, sweet Martin
Gave us this word:
Love is a verb
That causes to serve!

Serve others
As you would yourself!

Serve light
It overcomes fright!!

That's what
Martin said!

Serve justice!
Don't be afraid to stand
Opposed to the ills
That threaten

Martin said that!

Serve peace!
Never the fight!
Forgiveness is the oil
That makes it right!

When you serve
You give love!
Showing honor and glory
To the One

Yes, he said that!!
Dear, sweet Martin!

Valerie Elaine Deering
January, 2019

Jared Vazquez ,
Associate Director of International Diversity and Inclusion:

For more information on the life and legacy of Dr. King visit The King Center website:
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