February 2021 | Issue 1
Regional Policy
Regional Policy Work for 2021-22
The start of the new year begins a new biennium for our regional policy efforts. At the direction of our officers, a collection of nine committees, boards and working groups has been established to enhance member resources in addressing regional challenges. Select members will share their time and expertise to lead efforts of these group and we encourage you to visit the informational pages for each to familiarize yourself with their focus, leadership and participating member rosters. Members interested in the work of the policy committees are encourage to consult with their legislative leaders or contact CSG West staff.
Member Resources
FEMA Resources Bolstered for Vaccine Distribution
In alignment with plans outlined by the new federal administration, FEMA will work with the CDC and other federal agencies to assist with the distributions of COVID-19 vaccines throughout the U.S. To learn more about these key focus areas, federal funding, support efforts click below.
Drought Resources Get an Upgrade
To better serve the public, decision makers, stakeholders and others, NOAA's National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) has launched the redesigned U.S. Drought Portal. Featuring updated content and interactive architecture, the new website provides shareable information and graphics detailing current drought conditions and forecasts. Drought impact data for economic sectors such as agriculture, energy, water utilities, and recreation are also available through interactive maps and data that do not currently exist together elsewhere. For more information about the site, click below.
COVID-19 State Resources
Be sure to check out the CSG COVID-19 resource site for updated information on initiatives and resources related to state responses to the pandemic.
Member Programs
Applications Open for 2021 WLA Class
The Western Legislative Academy (WLA) has convened twenty classes of state legislators since its inception in 2000. Welcoming class members to an intensive training experience each year, the WLA looks forward to reconvening the program on December 7-10, 2021. For more information about the program and application process, click below.
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