United Way Remembers a Great Leader

United Way of York County staff and volunteers, along with thousands of others throughout our community, were saddened to hear of the passing of Louis Appell, Jr.  

Mr. Appell was a strong believer in the LIVE UNITED message and had a long history of working with the United Way to improve people's lives in York County.  He was a humble man who through his dedication to giving back, inspired many of those he worked with to do the same.  There was never a time that we called on him for his thoughts and expertise that he wasn't available.  We are truly a stronger organization thanks to the leadership and support shown by Louis and his wife, Jody.

Mr. Appell -  we salute you for your remarkable leadership... the benefits of which will be felt throughout York County for generations to come.  THANK YOU for your commitment to LIVE UNITED
United Way
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