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in Remembering and Honoring America's Fallen Heroes.
Did You Know?
Did you know that the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) funded the installation of Mission San Juan Capistrano’s special American Flag that hangs on the Sala Parapet, with DARs largest preservation donation/grant ever given! Their $10,000 grant also helped carry out the Sala Preservation Project and Earthquake Retrofit of the Parapet Wall in 2014. 
Video Tributes
A Beautiful Rendition of The Star Spangled Banner
As part of the annual St. Joseph’s Celebration commemorating the swallows, we always enjoy hearing a rendition of the National Anthem at the Mission’s historic bell wall. 

Join us as we look back at that tradition with Darren Huntting performing America’s favorite song, at the Jewel of the Missions in honor of those who served.  

A fly over Mission San Juan Capistrano by the Condor Squadron
In 2016 during a St. Joseph's Day celebration, a tradition commemorating the swallows, which was started by Father John O’Sullivan in the 1920s and is carried out each year on March 19th. Visitors at the Mission enjoyed a flyover as a tribute to America's veterans, past and present. The flyover was conducted by The Condor Squadron during the official Bell Ringing ceremony at the foot of the Mission’s St. Junipero Serra statue and historic Bell Wall.
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Crafts for Kids and the Whole Family!
Mission San Juan Capistrano offers fun distance learning lessons, activities, and crafts, each created for maximum fun and learning while at home. 
Create your own "plein air art" masterpiece and write a story to go along with it.

The term "en plein air" literally means "open air". Plein air paintings are painted outdoors allowing the artist to capture the light and colors in a scene.

Make your own cattle brand.

Brands have been used throughout history as a way for owners to identify their cattle. Each of the twenty-one missions in California had an identifiable brand such as the iconic C-A-P Mission San Juan Capistrano brand.
In Case You Missed It
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The unveiling of the original station 12 painting circa 1880 at Serra Chapel in 2013.

Sunset stroll through Mission San Juan Capistrano.

New digital exhibit f eaturing the photography art of
Chris Lizotte.
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