Tips and information for effective public relations - Spring 2016  

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Name Dropping

Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients and staff:

Talk about cool! Congratulations to PPG Oak Creek on the opening of its $3 million
state-of-the-art development center at its industrial coatings plant. The new center, which includes robotics, can actually simulate the production climates of PPG's customers to ensure the coatings apply well and consistently. It's an amazing thing to see! 

Leonard & Finco is pleased to welcome the
Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help as a new client. The Shrine, located in Champion about 16 miles northeast of Green Bay, is the only church approved Marian Shrine in the United States.
CASA of the Fox Cities continues to grow. The Appleton-based Court Appointment Special Advocates program saw a 78 percent increase in the number of children served by the agency from 2014 to 2015.
Leonard & Finco is now working with PortSide Builders in Sturgeon Bay and Neenah. PortSide has become one of the leaders in residential and commercial construction in Northeast Wisconsin, providing innovative custom design, new construction and remodeling services.
Oshkosh-based Dynamic Drinkware has purchased the entire patent portfolio of National Graphics, Inc. Dynamic Drinkware produces high quality souvenir cups and buckets, specializing in printed images that are transformed from static images into 3D and motion images.
Leonard & Finco is working with The Salvation Army of Greater Green Bay to reintroduce its brand to the community. The nonprofit service organization is focused on making people's lives better and building a greater Green Bay community.

Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management is involved in a fun, historic preservation project for Minor League Baseball. The Clearwater, Florida company is scanning and archiving minor league player cards going back to the early 1900s. Players include legends like Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson and many, many more.

Congratulations to Jennifer Vander Zanden, Vice President of Fuel Recovery at Breakthrough Fuel.  She was recognized as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2016 Pros to Know.

Congratulations to Breakthrough®Fuel ! The Green Bay-based global supply chain management and transportation energy advisory firm has received the Investment in the Business Community Award from Mayor Jim Schmitt. The award is one of five given annually to businesses, non-profits and individuals in Green Bay in recognition of their valuable contributions to the community. It honors Breakthrough®Fuel for helping to build a more resilient community, diverse workplace and create a more stable future.
Mark Walter with Brown County Resource Recovery was recently honored with the Professional Agency Person Award by the Brown County Conservation Alliance. Mark was recognized for his work on promoting recycling and his work on the Cat Island Restoration project. Congrats to Mark!

Quick Quote

Wise men speak because they have something to say;
Fools because they have to say something. 
Remembering and Honoring
Leonard & Finco co-founder
Charlie Leonard
With profound sadness, the team at Leonard & Finco, along with family, friends and area leaders said a final goodbye to Charlie Leonard who passed away on January 5, 2016. With a successful career that spanned more than 50 years, Charlie knew how to communicate like few others. His career accomplishments include time as a radio news announcer, an on-air television personality and news director for two Green Bay TV stations. In 1992, he partnered with Susan Finco and together they founded Leonard & Finco Public Relations.
Through the years, Charlie made significant and lasting impacts on the Greater Green Bay area through his PR work on the KI Convention Center and Resch Center arena; co-founding the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling; promoting the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary; and helping numerous other businesses and organizations. He was recognized with awards for his service on the boards of directors with many organizations including the Wisconsin Bicentennial Commission, Neville Public Museum, On Broadway, Inc., Baylake Bank and many others.

His knowledge of the media, strong ethics, attention to detail and vast connections made him a valuable asset for any company using his skills. And, unbeknownst to many due to his work behind the scenes, Charlie played a big role in making the greater Green Bay area what it is today.

He also made a lasting impression on everyone he's worked with, helped mentor or called his friend and he will be missed by all who knew him.

In his memory, Leonard & Finco has created a scholarship at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The Charlie Leonard Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Communication is for students seeking a degree in journalism or communications in the hopes that they will continue on the path he helped forge.

From the L&F team - We will miss you always!
The Three Things YOU MUST Communicate During a Crisis

Every organization experiences crisis situations; some are small and some are large enough that they garner the attention of your employees, the media and community. How you handle communication during that kind of crisis can make or break your brand and reputation. It is always a good idea to have a crisis communication plan or framework in place well before a crisis happens. But, let's face it, not every organization takes the time to do that. So, based on our experience, here are the three things you MUST communicate during a crisis:
  1. Explain what happened. This can be in general terms. You do not have to tell all, but you should provide a general, honest overview. If human or animal life was impacted, immediately express your concerns, thoughts, prayers or sympathy for those impacted.
  2. Explain why it happened. Many times you might not know why it happened and that's OK. Say exactly that and, if you are conducting an internal investigation, cooperating with police or safety investigators, etc. be sure to add that in to your response. Do not ever speculate about what might have happened or why; even if you think you might know the reason. Until it's confirmed, don't speculate.
  3. Explain what you're going to do about it. Even if it's too early to know exactly what you're going to do, chances are you know, in general terms, what you are going to do. In the very least, you will probably review internal controls, procedures or policies.
If you communicate those three things, and you provide periodic updates when needed, it will go a long way in helping you emerge from the crisis as a better, stronger organization.
Things to Keep in Mind when
Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse
content LinkedIn Pulse is the professional social media site's publishing platform, where professionals post their  thoughts. The advantages? Your posts are more likely to be seen by other professionals since the algorithm for the platform favors posts published on Pulse. Here are four things that matter when publishing to Pulse:
  1. What you're writing about matters: Pulse is the best platform to show off what you know best. Pick a topic, and stick to it. Don't try to cover more than one topic at a time, it's better to explore one topic in-depth than to cover multiple topics on this platform.
  2. Titles matter: Posts that start with a question perform the worst on Pulse. However, if your title starts with "How-To" or your post is a list of something, it is statistically likely to perform better. (Via Hubpost Blog)
  3. When you post matters: Sundays and Thursdays are statistically the best days to post. You can save your post without having to publish it! When you post, it goes to the top of your connections' news feeds.
  4. Photos matter: While you should always try to find a photo to use with a blog post, it's especially important on Pulse, which is a visual platform. Research done by Noah Kagan, suggests that using up to eight photos is the most beneficial.
If you keep these four things in mind when writing your first post, you're already on your way to success!
Welcome to the L&F Team!
Please help us welcome our most recent additions to the Leonard & Finco team. Michelle Huempfner, who previously was an Asset Liability Manager at Wipfli, has joined us as our Internal Accountant.

Christina Thor and Noelle Cutler are new Account Assistants. Christina recently graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a degree in Journalism with a Public Relations emphasis. Noelle has been an intern with us since December and will join us full time at the end of May, upon graduating with her Communications degree from UW-Green Bay. 
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