Dec 16/Jan 17

What's Next Life Coaching with Penny Rackley

Let's get together in   
January & February!
LifeInspired: Reset Your Direction

Are you ready to start a new, better chapter in your life story? 

If it's time to re-think your path or just make some small changes, join me for this free group coaching workshop on Thursday, January 19th at 7:30pm at Inspire Yoga Highland Village and Thursday, February 2nd at 5pm 
at Inspire Yoga Denton. 

You'll rediscover what's most 
important  to you, and set specific, measurable goals for your 2017. 
And you don't have to talk! This is an introspective time for private thought.
I'll bring the notes, and you're 
welcome to invite a friend.

See you there! 

Highland Village studio
1401 Shoal Creek | Suite 268
Highland Village, Texas 75077

Denton studio
321 W. Hickory, Suite 104
Denton, TX 76201

Best Personal Coaching Service 2016

What good things are you ready to welcome with 2017? I'm excited to get back to yoga, eat some regular, healthy-people food ( No More  Peanut Brittle), teach the babies in Sunday school, and resume the reliable, household rhythm that comes with an academic schedule. (Don't tell my kids.) 

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful end to the holiday season. If I can help you prepare for January, just give me a call. :)

- Penny
The Good Stuff

Even for resolute non-traditionalists, holiday traditions 
-- the ones that  are u nique to you and your special people -- are important, a juicy and comforting inside secret. 

Personally, I love  how  my family trades homemade Christmas gifts. This year's clear winner was hand-crafted smo ke bombs, made by oldest son Mason, for his "little"  teenage brother . (If you need a thrill, click on the photo below and watch the dramatic ignition video.) 

The smoke smelled of burnt sugar , and despite our ruckus, we successfully avoided injury and the local authorities. 

I asked some friends and clients about their belove d holiday traditions, and this is what they wrote.

"My favorite tradition is not putting names  on my kids packages each year. I number them 1-6, and then assign each kiddo two numbers. They have no idea whose number is whose, and it  changes every year. It cracks me up on C hristmas day when they think they have figured out their numbers, and they are typically completely wrong. Makes opening up their gifts that much more of a surprise for them because they haven't had time to guess what's in it."

"Okay, maybe this is not THEIR favorite tradition, but a mom's gotta have a little fun at Christmas too! ;)"  - Kelli Collins

"Hold off the best gift for the kids till last.  Once they are finished opening and they think it's over - they have to follow a trail of clues. One clue leads to the next until they find the treasure."

"Always fun because they work together, and then they find the unexpected gift."   - Mere Green

"I take my girls to the movies every Christmas Eve and we gorge on whatever we want to eat and drink. When we leave the movies, we take the long way home and look for Santa out our car windows! It's special to me because it's something we all love and it is like pushing the pause button during a very hectic time of year." -  Mary Novas

"My favorite holiday tradition is putting black olives on my fingers every Thanksgiving and Christmas and eating them off. Haha, food is the priority, obviously." -  Natosha Sanders

"For me, I would say just being together as family is the best and most meaningful part/tradition of the holidays. We are not always as traditional as some as far as foods for Thanksgiving or Christmas as we are not huge turkey or ham lovers, so sometimes we have seafood or steak or lasagna. "

"We always go to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve, that is a given to celebrate the real reason for the season. We always wait until Christmas Day to open presents and usually start with stockings. We alternate who opens a present so we can watch each person open their present and see their reactions as well as try to get a picture. "

"We love to play board games or cards or even work on jigsaw puzzles, all kinds of activities just to hang out together. Watching holiday movies like the original "Miracle on 34th Street" to more modern films like "Elf" are fun too. "

"Finally, going to look at various holiday light displays are always fun too, and we try to fit that in. All in all it just comes down to spending time together  in no matter what you do, no matter how basic it seems - just wrapping your heart around your family <3." -  Jami Thornton

I'm the first to admit, it can be second-nature to focus on and talk about the embarrassing/boring/disappointing/negative things that happen when a lot of people get together (especially the relatives!). So it's all the more important to acknowledge what we DO love about this time of year, and highlight it for ourselves as some of The Great Things to Remember About 2016. 

Thank YOU for being a part of my 2016. I hope to see you again very soon in the new year, and I'll be expecting a big hug. :)

Coaching with Penny


If you want to make a life change, are recovering from a loss or just need help defining your goals and reaching them, then you might be a good candidate for coaching.


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