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2011 Travel Schedule


Interested in a workshop and sharing travel costs? Here are my upcoming  

travel destinations.


May (TBC)


May 25, 26

Beausejour, MB 
May 27

May 28

Lasqueti Island 
June 2-4

Dawson Creek
Sept 6, 7

Fort St John
Sept 8-10

Sept 24 (TBC) 



October 15, (TBC)

Chestermere, AB
October 22


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Spirit at Play
Life Coaching


Interested in receiving private one-on-one telephone support?


"Vince is simplicity, presence, aliveness, skilled and knowledgeable.  The shifts I have made during and after my coaching sessions with him are powerful and meaningful."   

~ Morgan


Coaching is a powerful relationship designed to support you to live from your authentic self, in alignment with your values, and with clarity, courage and passion.


Sign up for a free introductory session by replying to this email.  Or visit here for more information.  



Quote of the Month

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."  

~ Mother Theresa



"Once you laugh at something,  

it ceases to have power over you." ~ Sonia Choquette


8-month-old boy laughing hysterically while

daddy rips up a job rejection letter.




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5 Steps to Creating

Healthy Workplace Relationships


Transforming the Workplace from the Inside Out



"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages."   

~ William Shakespeare


 We perceive our purpose at work as fulfilling duties such as administration, brainstorming new products, engaging clients, or problem solving.  Work is where we achieve results, earn a living and hopefully gain a level of satisfaction.  Inasmuch as these goals are important, our attention is often more drawn to, and distracted by, challenging relationships that cause us frustration, anger and powerlessness.


Productivity and achievement are what I would call the small "p" or purpose of work life.  Beneath this, however, there is a larger purpose or "P": Realizing our personal power; knowing we are much more than what we do or achieve. One way the "P" invites our attention is by presenting challenging relationships to us. Challenging relationships become the doorway into self-empowerment.

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Question mark
Monthly Inquiry

Consider a challenging relationship you currently have at work (or at home).

How is the way s/he treating you a mirror for the way you treat yourself?

Primary Mirror:
Highlighting what we already engage in
What is this person doing to you
that you already to do yourself?

Secondary Mirror
Highlighting what we are afraid to engage in

What don't you give yourself permission to be
that this person is acting out for you?

As we become aware that this person is a gift, they no longer have power over us.  We reclaim our power by reclaiming aspects of ourselves that other people act out for us.

Excellent books on this subject matter:

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford
Who Would You Be Without Your Story by Byron Katie 



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Buffoonery Workshops

Discover Your Inner Buffoon

The Cure for Serious

by Trilby Jeeves



I'm excited to share the Buffoonery wisdom of my friend Trilby.  Check out this inspiring video and how you can  

discover your inner buffoon!






What a time we live in: earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, oil spills, nuclear threats, global warming, information overload, governments falling, and that's just the world challenges. Closer to home: aging parents or just aging,  health challenges, constant demands on time, earning a living, keeping your community going, and even closer, just getting the freakin' vacuuming done, and, oh, yeah... laundry.

No wonder we feel just a tad overwhelmed. And, more so if you are a sensitive being taking on all the weight of these elements. (me!)

In reaction, I turned to something I learned in theatre school many years ago: buffoonery.

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Spirit Voice

One Year Anniversary & Potluck Event


Spirit Voice


Share your voice in spirit and song in an intimate evening of kirtan with Vancouver-based Spirit Voice.   


Co-led by Marvin Entz, Lucia Beamish-Plescia,  

Peace Falkenspence, Dave Fogel, Dave Koo,  

Vince Gowmon & Christina Panagio


Saturday May 7th

6pm Potluck, 8pm Kirtan

East Vancouver, near Commercial Drive


Exact details to be announced on our newsletter  

and on our Facebook group (see below) 


Originating from India, kirtan is a sacred devotional music tradition of call and response chanting that has meditative qualities that can carry us effortlessly to a place of quiet, to stillness. Using ancient Sanskrit, and modern English, mantras that are repeated over and over, faster and faster, kirtan calls upon sacred energies which serve to remove obstacles, bring us back to the center of our being and into an experience of freedom from the daily chatter of the mind.


Please note this is not a performance; rather it is an opportunity to share your voice in a safe and loving environment.  Lyric sheets will be provided.


Spirit Voice leads kirtan events twice a month in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. 

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We will respect your privacy and only email you when an event is coming to your area.


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