April 2017
Solutions for Bioskills Labs in Non-Traditional Spaces

Do you ever find yourself planning and executing lab events in hotels, conference centers, technical colleges or other non-traditional lab spaces? As Forest Gump says, "It happens." Whether you are tied to a geographic location without a dedicated bioskills lab nearby or the labs you want are booked on your date, you are looking to meet a particular budget, or any other reason, when you find yourself planning an event in a space that is not primarily designed for labs, here are some helpful tips to ensure your event is a success for all involved.
Have a great contact person at the facility.
Banquet and meeting-space staff in hotels may not be experienced in this type of event, and you want to make sure they understand your needs. You need to educate them and confirm they are available the day of the event to troubleshoot unforeseen issues. If you're holding an event at a surgery center or a college or university, make sure you know who controls access to the building and that you will have access when you need it, particularly if deliveries are needed after normal business hours. And be aware of what you can and cannot use at the facility.
Pay extra attention to equipment needs. 
When you're holding a lab in a facility designed for labs, it is easy to ask for "one more" of something during the event- they may have it in inventory. When you are in a non-traditional space, you need to order enough equipment, and then extras of
Colleges and universities can be a great option for lab space in less populated areas where there are no dedicated lab facilities
the things you know from experience you may also need.
Some things to consider: scrubs, table drapes, Chux, 4x4s, Sharps containers, PPE, packing tape/duct tape/Coban, air fresheners for odor control, and disinfectant wipes.
Anticipate special requirements.
Air circulation and filtration, floor covering, lighting, internet connection, electrical needs, audio/visual needs, and waste disposal are all things to address when planning labs in non-traditional spaces. Do you need buckets for carrying water or waste containers to capture liquids and then a way to solidify them? Most hotels will not allow anything from a lab to be put down their drains. If you're holding an event at a hotel it may be necessary to have radiation signage to post outside the door if C-arms will be in use. You might also need to set up a temporary changing area within a ballroom for a men's and women's changing area and a place for attendees to store their clothing and luggage. 

Holding bioskills labs in non-traditional spaces can be an excellent solution for your needs. When you take into consideration the above tips, you can provide a first-rate experience for participants, planners, and even the facility itself.

Tools of the Trade

Everything you need for your lab event - wherever it is!

MEDSource has what you need to support your event in a non-traditional lab facility. Everything is designed for easy shipping and setup, and we take care of all of the logistics for getting equipment and supplies to your event and then returned to us. Here are just a few of the essentials we offer:
  • Portable radiolucent lab tables and lighting
  • Plastic floor covering for protecting carpeted rooms
  • Floor tiles for carpeted rooms to allow easy positioning of a C-arm
  • Prepackaged PPE Kits
  • Prepackaged Lab Table Station Kits with drapes, Chux, Coban, gauze, scalpel blades, etc.
  • Portable lead shield for protecting the entrance to a room
  • Lead aprons (frontal and full-wrap around protection available)
  • Cleaning tubs and cleaning supplies for instruments and equipment
  • Lab wastewater solidifying agents to allow for safe disposal
If you need experienced lab support personnel at your event, we can help there too. Call us today at 303-750-5357 or email us and request a quote.

Lab Profile: LSU Health Shreveport - SPARTA

LSU Health Shreveport - SPARTA
1501 Kings Highway, MS Rm 9-222
Shreveport, LA 71130
6 Stations
Contact: La'Tonyia Franklin 318-675-8465


The SPARTA (Surgical Physician and Resident Training Area) surgical skills laboratory at LSU Health Shreveport serves as a teaching tool for medical students, residents, faculty, and practicing surgeons of all subspecialty fields. The lab consists of 6 individual cadaveric training stations. 
The SPARTA lab includes: 
  • at each station: surgical tower and boom with an endoscopic light, camera source, an insufflation box with carbon dioxide capabilities, and a power source for drills, shavers, foot pedals, electrical tools, etc.
  • a demo station for instructors, with camera and surgical lights
  • two large flat screen monitors located in the lab for additional viewing
  • a specimen preparation room with freezers for cadaveric storage
  • a wash room for storage/cleaning of surgical equipment with a Reliance Genfore instrument washer for decontamination (not sterilization)
  • a wet lab
  • conference seating to accommodate up to 150 people   
Contact the SPARTA lab at at LSU Health today to book your next training event!
You can find more information about SPARTA and other bioskills labs at www.bioskillslabs.com. Registration is free. Whether you want to promote your lab, or are working in the industry and are looking for a lab, we welcome your participation.
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