As we enter this new phase of product development and increasing accessibility, we are seeking to steward well our staff and volunteer army.  With continued interest in the Northeast and Midwest regions we anticipate hosting Battle for Your Heart, Men and Women (joint) events in both areas. 

In consideration of our staff and volunteer capacity, we have decided that our fall Battle for Your Heart events in Alabama will also be joint with both men and women teams attending the same event, August 27-30, 2020.  This allows us to leverage the space and our team effectively.

This means Wellspring Group will not have an individual Battle for Men’s Hearts, or Battle for Women’s Hearts in the fall of 2020 but will resume separate events in our winter 2021 dates. We anticipate this August Battle event will fill up fast, so please plan to register as soon as registration opens on February 17, 2020.  Please understand, teams will not be confirmed until all members have registered.