It's Time To Plant Spring Onions and Potatoes
River Valley News & Updates
February 2022
Local Purina Cattle Mineral Meetings
Join Farmer’s Cooperative and Purina Animal Nutrition for a series of free Cattle Mineral Meetings. Come meet with your fellow cattlemen and learn about year-round mineral supplementation, fly control, breeding, summer mineral, and other relevant topics to help you and your operation.

Registration is required. Dinner will be served, followed by the meeting and speakers. A Purina banded cooler and door prizes will be given away at each meeting, so make sure and enter the raffle. Click the links for RSVP information for a free meeting near you.
Van Buren Cattle Mineral Meeting
February 28th
Booneville Cattle Mineral Meeting
March 1st
Purina Wind & Rain Bagged Mineral Loyalty Program
Ask about our NEW loyalty program for Purina Wind & Rain Bagged Mineral. Most varieties of Purina Wind & Rain Bagged Mineral are buy 9 bags get the 10th bag FREE, in a single transaction. You will not see this loyalty program advertised, so stop by your local Farmer's Cooperative location and ask about our bagged Cattle Mineral Loyalty Program.
Cattle Mineral Tips
For Winter
How can you prevent nutrient deficiencies in winter’s cool temperatures? By providing a weatherized, high-quality mineral. Purina Wind and Rain Mineral formulations fill nutrient gaps, especially as cows prepare for calving. Using a mineral with Availa 4® 60-90 days prior to calving can help boost colostrum quality and support the development of healthy calves.
Spring Pasture & Gardens
Prepare NOW for Peak Grazing Season
If you couldn’t get out and treat weeds during the fall, start early in the spring. Have a plan in place to take out weedy competition once the cool-season grasses start to green.
Spring Onions &
Seed Potatoes
Get ready for spring gardening with fresh onions, and seed potatoes from your local Farmer's Co-op. By mid-February, you can begin to plant the cool-season vegetables.
Garden Seeds &
Bonnie Plants
Ready to start planting? Start seeds indoors now, to get a head start on your spring garden. At Farmer's Co-op, we offer a variety of garden seeds for sale by packet, scoop, or pound.
Local River Valley News
Chick Day in Van Buren
Saturday, February 12th
Heartland Hatchery visits the Van Buren Co-op on Saturday, February 12, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with assorted chicks, and ducklings, available for purchase. Pre-orders are available. Click the link for more information and pricing.
The Future of Farming: A Conversation with the Alma FFA
We recently sat down with Alma FFA Advisor, Lakan Brumley, who restarted this worthwhile program in 2019. Read what's going on 3 years later, in this article from our Seed and Sow Digital Agriculture Magazine, Winter edition.
Take a Look at our Digital Magazine!
Seed & Sow Agricultural Lifestyle Magazine
Winter 2022

Seed & Sow is intended to pass on a little knowledge. Whether you’re a major producer or a backyard gardener, The Farmers Cooperative can help. This issue features Garden Talk With Doc, The Future of Farming an introduction to FFA, Crop Insurance: What is it and why you need it, start a DIY Indoor Cat Garden and so much more. We hope you enjoy our winter issue of Seed and Sow Agricultural Lifestyle Magazine.