Wichita Wurlitzer
October 2018 Newsletter
Safety Last
Tuesday, October 2, 7:30 pm, in Exhibition Hall
"A Thriller That Makes Your Heart Cling to Your Tonsils!"
Bring your friends, buy your popcorn and drinks as you come in, and enjoy Safety Last , starring Harold Lloyd, "The King of Daredevil Comedy." Listen to Clark Wilson as he accompanies the classic film.
Roger Ebert called it “the most famous shot in silent comedy.”
“Safety Last” is the story of an industrious fellow who climbed a skyscraper to win his girl. It’s the ultimate thrill comedy. Micah Mertes shares "In the best action movies of today, Lloyd’s influence can still be felt. You can see it every time Tom Cruise hangs off the side of a building/plane/helicopter in a new Mission: Impossible movie. You can see it in Jackie Chan’s best movies. Chan is a silent film buff who counts Keaton and Lloyd (and another Omahan, Fred Astaire) as his biggest influences. In various films, Chan has paid tribute to Lloyd’s most famous stunts, including the clock scene.
Click here to visit our website and read Micah Mertes full article about the boy from Burchard, Nebraska and how Lloyd invented the modern action movie. There is also a link to PBS story The Third Genius , and another story detailing the connection with Clark Kent.
Tickets - General Admission  $ 20.00
Seniors (65+) $ 17.00 / Students (5-18) $ 10.00 Click here to buy tickets
Clark Wilson
One of the most prominent and recognized scorers of silent photoplays in America today. He works exclusively with the organ in developing accurate and historic musical accompaniments as they were performed in major picture palaces during the heyday of the silent film.
Clark will perform at Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles at the Annual Halloween Film event in late October.