Newsletter | May, 2022

Hello, and Happy Springtime!

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We noticed a drop in the number of clients applying for a scholarship through the United Breast Cancer Foundation, and wanted to send out a reminder that scholarships are still available through this generous organization. 

If you or anyone you know could use a Breast Screening or a Full Body Scan (which includes a Breast Screening) at a significant reduction in cost (the scholarships amount is as high as $150!)...Please apply and/or pass the information below on!

Here is what you need to do! It is very EASY Process!

  1. Go to The United Breast Cancer Foundation's website, Breast Screening - United Breast Cancer Foundation (
  2. Fill out the eligibility questionnaire, including making a donation of $5.00
  3. Once you hear back from the UBCF and have received your scholarship letter and amount, call or schedule your appointment online through Schedulicity
  4. Let us know how much you have been awarded at the start of your appointment so we can be sure to provide you with the correct invoice/receipt in order for you to get reimbursed for your scholarship amount. 

     Please note: You will need to pay for your screening at the time of your visit.

      5. Submit an email or snail mail copy of your invoice and your scholarship                    award letter to the UBCF and receive a check in the mail.


      *Scholarships can also be used towards the cost of your full body scan!

      *Remember, the scholarships are only good for 2 months so you need to apply            now and get scheduled right away.

Tell your friends! Share this info with your family!

Don't delay....Apply Today!!!


What is Breast Thermography?
Breast Thermography can screen for early indications of disease in the breast. You can then halt & reverse symptoms holistically before they become life threatening.



In The World, by Bridget Lowry

In the strange, early evening half-light we sit

In the cloudiness of our questioning, we sit

In the midst of the too much to do, we sit

In the warm arms of our shared sorrow, we sit

In the sweet exhaustion, we sit

Here with the singing coyotes and the crows

With each electric bird song

And the rippling breeze and the dry grasses

Here with the cobwebs and the moon

And the muddy and the dusty road upon us

Us in the sound 

And the sound in us

Us in the world

And the world in us

Sending peace and ease,

Dawn Belden-Hope & Amanda Scharnberg

The Thermography Center

cell: 805-798-5453


Thermography is not considered a replacement for other medical imaging which your doctor may advise you to have. 
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