Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Spotlight on the Pines: A 2021 Season Preview
Did you know that…

Women’s Pride in the Pines has raised over $1 million for LGBTQ organizations?

The Pines Conservation Society tree sale has resulted in over 5,000 new trees planted in the Pines?

FIPAP has produced more than 300 performances?

Dancer’s Responding to AIDS began with a single performance with 7 dancers and an audience of 50?

The Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society is celebrating its 10 anniversary?

BOFFO was recently featured in a New York Times exposé on creative, cutting edge artistic production?

Unless you knew absolutely ALL of the above already, you must ZOOM in tomorrow, Saturday May 1st at 10:30AM for Spotlight on the Pines. All close-ups are expected to be wrapped up within 45 minutes.
See you tomorrow on ZOOM!

Henry Robin, President
Allan Baum, Vice President
Tami Hausman, Secretary
Eric Sawyer, Treasurer

Gary Clinton, Greg Henniger, Chris Lovito,
Chris Mai, Jay Pagano, Rodman (Tad) Paul, Leland Rechis, 
Russell Saray, Ed Schulhafer, Matt Tague and Jim Vandernoth