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We hope you’ll stop in soon. We offer a variety of classes, including Yoga AND Pilates (the perfect combination), Barre, TRX, Orbit and much more.
MARY SCHUTZ - A celebration of life will be held for Mary Schutz at Randall Oaks Park on Randall Road in West Dundee on July 11th, from 3 PM to 7 PM. Mary was a beautiful, strong, funny, and inspirational woman, and she is missed at the studio. Angie and Nancy will be attending the celebration early and you’re welcome to attend as well. When Mary left us, she had unused packages in her account. We will be giving away two group packages and an apparatus package in Mary’s name in July. If you’re currently facing hard times, please send an email to Nancy to be considered for this gift from Mary.

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There are SO MANY fun things happening this summer at Happy Hour! To begin with, we’re having a raffle!! Every time you come to the studio in July, drop your name in the jar for a chance to win our giant prize bucket! You may have seen in at the studio! There are many Happy Hour goodies in the basket, including a Happy Hour sweatshirt, a yoga mat, Zum mist spray, and more! Good luck!

We also have our Golden Gorilla Award, which includes a chance to earn a discount in September! Invite your friends to Happy Hour this summer! The person who refers the most people, wins the Golden Gorilla trophy; an AMAZING solid gold (I’m pretty sure) trophy that you take home and enjoy for decades to come! If any of those friends you referred purchase a package at Happy Hour, YOU GET 25% OFF in September, on a 10-Pack or a one-month Unlimited Package! Two friends = 50% off. Three friends = 75% off. If four of your friends purchase a package this summer, you win the entire month of September FREE!

Please keep reading to see what else we’re doing in July and August!
Due to unexpected visitors in some of our classes, all of our instructors/teachers will be locking the doors of the studio when the class starts. We think it’s the safest thing to do. Please come to class on time to avoid getting locked out!

If you cannot make it to your reformer class, please remember to cancel at least 12 hours before it starts! We very often have waiting lists and if you don’t cancel, the people on the waiting list cannot get in. You will be charged for your class if you do not cancel well in advance. 
It's that time of year - - the BEST OF THE FOX is on! We would be so honored to have your vote(s). You can vote every day from all devices.

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MEDIMMERSION - Sunday August 1st, 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM
Yoga Nidra with headphones is back in August! Completely relax and zone/zen out while listening to a guided meditation. After the class we talk and have a glass of wine or Lacroix. No Let Go class before Nidra. Sign Up Now!

We are scheduling three SUP yoga classes at Three Oaks. $35 includes a rented paddle board and the yoga session. Here are the dates! Sign Up Now!

Wednesday, July 21st @ 9 AM
Friday, July 30th @ 2 PM
Saturday, August 14th @ 9 AM
Join our newest yoga teacher, Cindy Krueger, for free Let Go classes in July! She is a wonderful yin yoga teacher and I hope you’ll give her class a try, for FREE. Monday at 7:30 PM, on July 12th, 19th, and 26th. Sign Up Now!
We start our fifth cleanse on Sunday, July 11th! We’ve had so much success with this cleanse, lead by Vicki Marchese!  The 21-day "cleanse" is less of a cleanse, and more of a healthy way of eating. You’ll cut out sugar, dairy and unhealthy carbs, and practice intermittent fasting. Learn More! | Sign Up Now!

Review from Cindy: "I lost ten pounds on the cleanse and I’ve not felt this good in a long time. The weight loss was great but learning how some of the foods I had been eating were giving me brain fog and draining my energy was the best part. I was feeling really ‘slothy’ when I started the cleanse and now I have much more energy and clearer thinking! I am definitely doing it again!"

After the Cleanse - If you’ve already tried the cleanse but would like some help sticking to the healthy eating habits, join us in our AFTER THE CLEANSE Facebook group! We will continue to share recipes and ideas and encourage each other to keep going. We won’t be following the cleanse in this group…just staying on the healthy eating route. It’s a one time fee of $35.
Patty Lekewa will be at Happy Hour to give readings the last Saturday of each month. I have seen Patty three times, and each time I was amazed by the information I was given. She is truly amazing. You can make an appointment at the studio with Patty, the same way you would sign up for a class. You’ll see her available times on the schedule and you simply sign up if that space is available. The appointment at the studio costs $20. Patty can be booked for an hour reading or a 45 minute reading for approximately $200.  You will pay Patty directly at your appointment, through Zelle, or with cash only. Once making your appointment, you’ll receive instructions on how to prepare for your personal reading. Only one person is allowed with Patty at a time. 

Kenny Kolter is coming to Chicago for the first time in four years and has chosen Happy Hour for his only event!! I couldn’t be more excited! He’s joining up with Michael Bettine, another master gong musician, for an amazing day of gong events on Saturday, August 7th! We have three events happening on this day!

Our regularly scheduled Saturday 10:00 am class will be replaced by an event with Tara Michelini and Kenny Kolter together. They are long time friends and you will love to watch them work together. Kenny will play his gong, Tibetan bowls, and other instruments, while Tara guides you through a yin class. $25 Register Now!

In the afternoon, from 1 PM to 4:30 PM, Kenny and Michael will host a Sound Immersion Master Class. This is a workshop designed for beginner and advanced level folks who are interested in working with sound. Yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, massage therapists and sound practitioners will all leave feeling enriched by Michael and Kenny’s combined 45 years of experience playing and teaching in diverse environments from music festivals, cancer care facilities, gong symposiums, international retreats, medical symposiums, etc. There will be opportunities for participants to play Tibetan bowls and gongs under the tutelage of some of the most experienced sound professionals in the country. $45 pre-register/$60 starting August 1st. Register Now!

In the evening, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Michael and Kenny will perform for a Happy Hour audience. Michael and Kenny have performed many times over the years to critical acclaim. These are free form intuitive performances that will transport the listener to a transcendental state of relaxation - or, some participants will feel energized and alive. What’s wonderful about these sessions is that everyone has very different experiences due to the vast array of vibration, rhythm and frequency flying around the room. It is a completely unique and amazing experience. We hope you can join us. $45 pre-register/$50 starting August 1st.
We have decided to stop recording classes for Happy Hour at Home. It certainly was a learning experience and a huge challenge for all of us. Thank you to every single one of you who used Happy Hour at Home during quarantine! It kept our studio afloat during COVID. You could have gone to other online places, and I can’t thank you enough for sticking with us!  The private Facebook page will remain right where it is. We will not close it down. There are hundreds and hundreds of classes on the page! If you’d like to be a member of Happy Hour at Home forever, just pay the one-time fee and you’re in for good. You can still take recorded classes at home or bring them with you when you travel, or relocate. Thank you Happy Hour at Home! I will not miss you; however, it was a rewarding experience that will stay with me forever.  
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