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Winter Wonderland

Hi Rob,

This time of year is busy for us here at the garden center; building and designing planters and evergreen centerpieces, teaching workshops, wrapping plants, and helping customers with their holiday shopping & decorating...and you know what? We love every minute of it! We have really enjoyed seeing all of you back at the workshops with smiling faces.

New seasonal plants are arriving every week. The Norfolk Pines that just arrived are so cute. They make the perfect mini Christmas tree and an easy-to-care-for houseplant. Many of you have asked for Venus flytraps for kids we just received them yesterday, they sell out fast so call us and we can hold one if you can't get in. We will continue to have holiday plants in all sizes and prices for decorating your homes or taking them as hostess gifts through December.

Thanks for Your Support

When a customer gave us a 2-star Google review last week because our 'merchandise was too pricey' it got me thinking.....

Operating an independent garden center is challenging, we won't lie, especially with costs rising all around us but when you choose to shop here there are some things you might want to know; All of our greens are sourced from a local fellow who cuts them all himself, locally. All of our evergreen planters, centerpieces, and bundles are made fresh daily( not in October) right here by our team of elves who also all live here with their families locally. Every workshop is designed, organized and taught by us. Our holiday plants are grown only in Ontario greenhouses. Every display and tree you see decorated we stayed late to set up. Every social media picture, post, and video is created by us. So in these trying times, we want to thank all of you who still choose to spend your hard-earned money with us ( and any other small local businesses) instead of the Big Box stores. We simply can't compete with their pricing & buying power. Thanks for all the feedback ( good & bad) we take all of it, every single comment & review into consideration.

Hope to see you soon!

Peace & Plants,



Workshops are back this season!

If you are looking for a fun holiday outing or the perfect gift for your bestie or family why not come out and create something beautiful from fresh greens at one of our Winter Wonderland Workshops! Smiths Falls location

We do private workshops for work parties or groups. Email us for details

Register Online Click Here

Winter Urn Inspiration

Now that we have seen our first snowfall I thought I would include some urn designs we have been creating this season. Evergreen planters and urn inserts are made fresh daily at both of our locations. You can choose one already made or purchase an evergreen urn fresh bundle of greens or a premade 'Bling Your Own Planter' and then design it yourself from our huge selection of pine cones, berries, branches,balls and bling in all your favourite colours.

Natural elements in evergreen planters are one of our favourite. Magnolia leaves, wild rosehips and birch with burlap bows add winter magic

Our fav trendy planter combos this season include dusty rose, champagne with a touch of natural elements. Bougie vibes

Classic combos include burgundy cones along with white tipped. Dogwood, berries and matte red balls. Add one of our washed tin ornament balls for a rustic feel.

Oh buffalo plaid ..how we love thee! This ribbon is the perfect holiday statement that carries though the rest of the winter. Mixed with burgundy, natural and white tipped pine cones. Its a cosy countrty Christmas look!

Copper and natural make for a perfect winter season planter. These earthy tones with a bit of glitter create an upscale look that works well after the holidays. This poly burlap ribbon is a perfect low key accent.

These bright blue berries have been a fun lelemnt to work with this season. Mixing them with jumbo champagne pine cones & dark rattan balls add a sophisticated touch. Who needs a ribbon with all this magic!

DIY Evergreen Planters & Fresh Bundles

Looking to 'Bling your Own' evergreen urn? We sell the premade planters in 2 sizes ready for you to customize.

$54.99 for a large planter

$64.99 for extra large

Already have the pots? Our huge evergreen urn bundles have a mix of fresh red pine, white pine, spruce, and cedar for $39.99

Add BC Cedar, Magnolia, or Designer greens

Fresh Garland

To those who are waiting for our fresh garland ..it is coming Friday ( or so they tell me!)

Our order from up north was shipped elsewhere and they made us a fresh batch this week! If you are on our waiting list we will call you the moment it arrives.

Fresh Pine Garland, Ontario Cedar Garland and Mixed Pine & Cedar 25 ft rolls starting at $29.99

Fresh Wreaths

Burlap bow & Pinecone Wreath

Boxwood and Berry Wreath

Grapevine & Greens Wreath

Holiday Sales

Cuteness Alert

So many cute plush gnomes, snowmen, penguins and mice have arrived.

Perfect little holiday gifts.


All Holiday plush this week

Outdoor Winter Decor

Lanterns in every size and colour are in stock now! Gold-washed, black, copper brown, white & red in small , medium & large

Perfect for out on your front porch or inside on a mantle filled with mini lights.


Holiday Plants


An unusual hard-to-find houseplant brings holiday cheer this time of year. Also known as the Christmas Berry. Bright berries in red, or warm pink last for months. Easy to care for, it prefers medium light and even watering.

This is the perfect gift for plant collectors!

6" pots in both red & pink $24.99


Venus Fly Trap

Kids love these ! A carnivorous plant that traps and eats small insects. Native to boggy areas they do best planted in peaty soil and kept moist but not in standing water.

A fascinating plant and a fun and different stocking stuffer for kids as they come in a 2.5" pot



Anthuriums are easy to care for houseplants that blooms forever! They require bright light and low watering. This family of plants is similar to air plants in that they are considered epiphytes. They grow in very light hummus soil. Be careful no to overwater .

We sourced white ones this week which are less common and very chic looking!

Norfolk Pine

Norfolk Pines are the perfect indoor Holiday plant. Sweet as mini Christmas trees you can aslo decorate them. They look great in a burlap-wrapped pot Easy to care for!

3 sizes available 4", 6" and 10"

Starting at $9.99



We LOVE these! These sweet plants are perfect for indoor decorating.

Our first shipment sold out in days!

Wintergreen is an outdoor ground cover that also makes a fun indoor holiday plant. The flowers are clusters of small white bells, the berries are bright red and last on the plant well until the spring.

4.5" $12.99

Ty soldut in day


The classic red poinsettia has arrived ! Nothing speaks Christmas like red poinsettias! Keep them evenly moist but never sitting in water. Bright light and avoid drafts.


4" $7.99

6" $12.99

8" $29.99

Come check out the poinsettia tree in Brockville!


Mon - Sat 9-5
Sunday 10-4
11862 Hwy 15 N Smiths Falls, ON

Mon - Sat 9-5
Sunday 10-4
885 Stewart Blvd, Brockville ON

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