Online Global Trade Resources
California International Trade Center
The California International Trade Center provides digital trade services to small and mid-size business engaged in cross-border ecommerce. Hear from industry leaders and ecommerce professionals including foreign market insights and digital strategies. Utilize foreign country reports and global market research to enhance business and entrepreneurship programs. 
Global Trade Sector
The Global Trade Sector hosts up to date resources and provides insights for community colleges and faculty including content and materials to support college programs in global trade. Access curriculum, articles, videos, reports and employment data. Learn about virtual work-based learning opportunities and faculty professional development or request Regional Director support.  
Earn Digital Badges aligned with the Global Trade sector and gain employable skills in digital trade including cross-border eCommerce. Earn advanced credentials to participate in the Virtual Internship Program (VIP) and work on real world projects on behalf of small and mid-size companies. Access video content direct from industry leaders and global trade leaders to assist students, faculty and workers in skills attainment.  
Global Virtual Internship Program (VIP)
Give students the advantage to gain real world experience through the Virtual Internship Program. Working under the direction of eCommerce industry experts, this remote program allows students to access work-based learning opportunities as they work on real projects on behalf of real small and mid-size companies navigating cross-border eCommerce. Projects include digital marketing, online sales strategies, SEO and other activities meeting in-demands employer needs.
LinkedIn-Lynda logo
LinkedIn partnered with the University of North Carolina System to identify the LinkedIn Learning courses that’ll most aid faculty with this transition. These courses are now freely available to all, and cover everything from leading practices for teaching online to EdTech tools like Canvas to collaboration software like Microsoft Teams.
Additionally, LinkedIn has also made another 16 COURSES  freely available to all to help students and staff stay connected and productive. 
Upcoming and recorded live webinars will be posted on the LERN (Learning Resource Network) website within 48 hours of the live broadcast.
Faculty might use these workplace materials to apply job skills.