CCDS Meeting with Speaker
Wednesday, September 15 6:30 PM
Hi Everyone,

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 15 at Orleton Farm with coffee and wine at 6:30 pm. We have as our guest speaker Oliver Dick from Florida who is an equine osteopath born and studied in Germany. He started his practice working on humans and transitioned to equines years ago. He treats horses all over the United States so we are lucky to have him come to our club meeting. The basic principle that an osteopath works within is that all the body’s systems are interrelated. More about Oliver

We will actually watch Olli work on our horses in the stable. He is fascinating to watch as he finds the soreness before treatment and then, after treatment, observing the effect on the horse. Dress warm as the weather is changing and we will be in the stable. We will have a short meeting after watching him work.
Our horse show is now complete, and it was a great show. The weather was hot and humid for the first 2 days, but delightful on the last 2 days. We had approximately 100 carriage entries and 110 vintage cars on the grounds. I have received so many emails and texts thanking Mary, myself, and Colonial Carriage for putting on the show. It is so satisfying now that the show is in the record books and that it went so well. It will be good to see everyone at the meeting after working so closely together at the show.

See you at the meeting,

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