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A "Wise Virgin" or a "Foolish Virgin"?

Ask yourself these three questions?

1.  Do I live with the motivation of NOTHING to prove to anyone and seek the praise that comes from God alone! John 5:44

2.  Do I live only for an audience of One, God and God alone! That was Jesus' testimony. Galatians 1:10

3.  Do I love like I’ve never been hurt! That’s the witness of Calvary. John 13:34-35

Now put yourself to the test that will show if you are meeting your great need of Jesus Christ, daily, hourly, moment by moment!

These three daily calls upon our hearts, if heeded and not resisted, will bring us into a deep surrender and dependence upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! A true wise virgin experience!

When I go up into the mountains and meet with God this is what He puts on my heart. May we all be answering God's call upon our hearts!!
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Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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