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Growing Our Inner Bodhisattva Retreat
with Cassandra deLarios
and guest Tibetan Heart Yoga teachers
Part One: Kindness
Jan 17 - Jan19
 4pm  to  Sun 4pm
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A workshop on kindness and patience with classical text study, practical advises and activities to nurture your inner Bodhisattva





$10 per class

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About the Classical Text
Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life


is a text written approximately 700 ad, by Master Shantideva (PeaceAngel).  In it we find profound and irrefutable advises from this incredibly humble man, so misunderstood by his peers.  To this day it remains a divine road map for those wishing to realize their own inner perfection.  This retreat will follow the Asian Classic Institute Courses on "The Guide" and include activities to make its wisdom fun, practical and accessible.



classes below are yellow for yoga/ meditation

blue for lecture and red for activities


Friday Jan 17

  4-6pm      Class One- Benefits (ACI X classes 1,2)

   optional- bring offerings (ACI X class 3)

   7-9pm     Class Two- Purification with fire ceremony

   (ACI X classes 4,5)

   9-9:30      yoga nidra


 Saturday Jan 18       

  9-10am      Tibetan Heart Yoga (with meditation)

10-12pm     Class Three- Rejoice!  (ACI X 5,6)

                         journal activity

     2-4pm     Class Four- Fight the Enemy (ACI X 7,8)

                         writing activity

     4-6pm     Class Five- Remember (ACI X 9)

                         zazen meditation

     7-9pm     Class Six- The Two Truths (ACI XII 1,2)

     9-9:30      yoga nidra 


Sunday Jan 19

  9-10am      Tibetan Heart Yoga (with meditation)

10-12pm     Class Seven- Giving (ACI X 10)

     service plan

     2-4pm     Class Eight- Patience (ACI XI 1,2,3)

                         exorcising our anger activity

(Part Two will be Feb 15-17; Classes 9-15, finishing up ACI XI and XII, details coming)

* day classes are activity- based, evening classes are wisdom 
Please drop in to as many of these as you can, I look forward to seeing all my friends soon!



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