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Reminder: CAEP 2022-23 Annual Plan Due September 14, 2022

Apply by September 23, 2022: CALPRO Online Integrated Education and Training (IET) Implementation Clinic for Agency Teams

Register for the CAEP Summit 2022

CAEP Summit 2022 Call for Exhibitors

From Homelessness to Roadrunner: Meet Sean Ceballos – Crafton Hills College’s 2022-23 Student Senate President

CAEP Deliverable Reminders
Deadlines and Deliverables

Reminder: CAEP 2022-23 Annual Plan Due September 14, 2022

Next week, on September 14, 2022, the CAEP 2022-23 Annual Plan is due. The CAEP annual planning process, along with the member work plan and budget, in accordance with §84914(a)(2) and §84906(a)(1), is designed to provide consortia and members an opportunity to review the current Three-Year Plan, consider key accomplishments and challenges from the prior year, and outline goals and activities for the upcoming program year. The CAEP Annual Plan is a condition of receipt of an apportionment from CAEP and is a justification demonstrating how planned allocations are consistent with the adult education plan (as mandated in §84914(a)(2)).


The Annual Plan memo provides guidance and establishes procedures to complete and submit the CAEP Annual Plan using the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) NOVA online platform. Sections of this document correspond to sections outlined in the Annual Plan as it appears in NOVA and describes the content that must be included in the consortium's response, per California Education Code. This document provides details related to the transition from AB 86 to AB 104 and step-by-step directions to complete in NOVA.


If you have any questions or experience any difficulty completing the annual plan in NOVA, contact CAEP TAP at [email protected] or (888) 827-2324.

Annual Plan Memo

CAEP Summit 2022

Register to Attend

The CAEP Summit 2022 is fast-approaching! In less than two months, adult education practitioners from across the State will convene to engage in welcome and plenary addresses, breakout sessions based on the CAEP statewide priorities, networking opportunities, and so much more. If you have not done so already, register to attend the CAEP Summit 2022. This year will be another virtual experience hosted on an engaging, customized virtual platform, which hopefully makes attending a little more convenient for all. Space is limited and filling up fast. Register today!


Call for Exhibitors

Exhibitor spots are filling up! The CAEP Summit 2022 Planning Committee invites adult education product and service providers to exhibit at this year’s conference to engage with attendees to explore opportunities to support adult learners. This year, exhibitors will have more visibility throughout the conference by sponsoring lunch hours, breaks, the networking event, and sessions.


In lieu of a fee to exhibit at the CAEP Summit 2022, the planning committee is requesting donations (i.e. curriculum licenses, textbooks, conference registrations, magazine subscriptions, wellness items, gift cards, etc.) according to tiered values. The donation tier values are: Creativity ($250 to $499) and Innovation ($125 to $249). The donations will go directly to the attendees and their agencies, who will participate in activities and earn points. Donated items can be tangible or electronic (i.e. e-gift cards). Tangible items will be shipped to CAEP TAP and CAEP TAP will distribute to all winners. The CAEP Summit 2022 Planning Committee will determine each winner and coordinate the exchange of the donations.


Use the following links to access complete details about each tier, including the opportunities available to exhibitors.

Creativity Tier
Innovation Tier

From Homelessness to Roadrunner: Meet Sean Ceballos – Crafton Hills College’s 2022-23 Student Senate President

Crafton Hills College has made a significant impact on Sean Ceballos.

While experiencing homelessness and adjusting to life in a wheelchair, Ceballos knew he had to do something to change his circumstances, even if the cards seemed stacked against him. So, the Yucaipa resident asked his best friend for help and began to explore his options.


As Ceballos continues to find his place on campus, the 31-year-old wants to use his voice to help make an impact at Crafton as well as off-campus through public service -- so much so that he decided to run for CHC’s Student Senate last year. This year, however, he had bigger dreams and ran as a candidate for 2022-23 Student Senate President -- and won.


Today, Ceballos has plans to graduate from CHC in 2023 with multiple degrees in History, English, Social Science and – potentially – Communications. He also has big dreams to transfer to U.C. Berkeley – his number one choice – or UCLA, Cal State San Bernardino or Fullerton and pursue a law degree to help others who have struggled to overcome setbacks. But right now, Ceballos is focused on completing his goals, including leaving a mark on Crafton by encouraging its student population to get more involved, as well as starting an annual multi-cultural event and career fair.


Learn more about Sean’s adult education journey by clicking on the following link to access his full story.

Sean's Full Story

Apply by September 23, 2022: CALPRO Online Integrated Education and Training (IET) Implementation Clinic for Agency Teams

The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) and the California Department of Education are pleased to offer a unique professional learning opportunity! Join other agency teams of ESL instructors, CTE instructors, and program administrators for an Integrated Education and Training (IET) Implementation Clinic.


The format includes four principal features of this unique online professional learning opportunity, which is open to up to 8 agency teams (each team is composed of 3 staff members):

  1. Two day-long virtual training sessions.
  2. Live, interactive discussion through three 75-minute online webinars.
  3. Ongoing online discussions.
  4. Completion of a capstone project and presentation of the project at the second day-long session.


Program staff who seek more support in meeting the IET implementation challenges they face and are interested in learning from other IET practitioners. Each program team of three (3) staffers will ideally include the ESL instructor, CTE instructor, and the IET program administrator.



  • Willingness to actively engage in peer and expert discussion and share successes and challenges.
  • A commitment to attending all virtual sessions; failure to attend may result in not receiving a certificate of completion for the 23 hours of training.
  • Approval from your agency for your application.



Membership and participation are free of charge and open to all California adult education funded programs. Preference will be given to IET program team staff working in an Integrated EL Civics IET program that is funded through Section 243 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Title II: Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (WIOA, Title II: AEFLA) grant. Not sure if you’re eligible? Let CALPRO help: email [email protected] or call 1-916-286-8803.



Apply online at by September 23, 2022, at 5 p.m. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by October 5, 2022. Cohort size: up to 8 agency teams composed of 3 staff per cohort (up to 24 participants). Each member of your 3-person agency team is required to submit an application. 


Use the following link to access full details about the IET Implementation Clinic and apply today!

IET Clinic Details

CAEP Deliverable Reminders

CAEP Final Allocations for 2022-23
graphic showing a dollar sign in a circle

The 2022-23 additional CAEP allocations from the May Revise were posted in NOVA as an allocation

amendment. Consortia were to complete an allocation amendment by September 1, 2022. If you have not done so already, please submit ASAP!

CAEP Quarter 4 Member Expense Report

The CAEP Quarter 4 Member Expense Report was due in NOVA by September 1, 2022. The consortium will certify the member expense report by September 30, 2022. Please note: since this is the closeout of a program year, it will be extremely important to ensure all quarterly expense reports are accurate prior to certification. Once the reports are certified, the consortium will no longer have access to make any changes.

graphic showing a dollar sign in a circle

CAEP Program Area Report for 2021-22

The CAEP Program Area report estimates were due in NOVA by September 1, 2022. To report hours of instruction, members are to use the TOPSpro® Enterprise CAEP 2021-22 member reports by program area, their agency’s attendance system, and the community college district’s apportionment attendance reports generated from the CCFS-320 Reporting System for noncredit FTES. To report leveraged funds, use your districts accounting records.

Please note: guidance from the CAEP Office is forthcoming. Agencies and consortia will not be penalized if they were unable to meet the September 1 deadline.

CAEP Annual Plan and Budget and Work Plan Due Dates
The CAEP Office is moving the due date for the CAEP Annual Plan and Budget and Work Plan for 2022. The annual plan will now be due September 14, 2022. The member budget and work plan will be due October 30, 2022 and certified by the consortium no later than November 30, 2022. The Quarter 1 expense report due dates will remain the same.

graphic representing a document

Graphic showing arrows pointing right with word Deadline at center

  • Sep 1: 20/21 and 21/22 Member Expense Report due in NOVA (Q4)
  • Sep 1: July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 Program Area Report (Hours of Instruction and Expenses by program area; estimates only) due in NOVA *
  • Sep 14: Annual Plan for 2022-23 due in NOVA * (Extended for 2022)
  • Sep 30: 20/21 and 21/22 Member Expense Report certified by Consortia in NOVA (Q4)
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