´╗┐Seminar Announcement: CEILS Journal Club Presentation
Please join us on Friday, March 9th to welcome our presenter:
Dr. Jeffrey Maloy

Discipline-Based Education Research Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Life Sciences Core Curriculum
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Jeffrey Maloy will present findings and facilitate a discussion on the following paper: Jensen, Kummer, and Godoy (2015) Improvements from a Flipped Classroom May Simply Be the Fruits of Active Learning. CBE Life Sciences Education ; 14(1) 1-12.

You can access the article via the following link: http://www.lifescied.org/content/14/1/ar5.full.pdf+html .
´╗┐2:00-3:00pm | 1100 Terasaki Life Sciences Building [TLSB]
No RSVP needed. We hope to see you there!
Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences | UCLA

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