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Christianity is NOT merely a religion ...
To be a Christian is to let Christ IN. A Person who loves you, cherishes your friendship, deals tenderly and gently with you. Who has strength for all your needs and empowers you. Who walks with you as a friend, who communes with you, who shares His own eternal Life with you. Who comforts you in trouble, who solves all your problems and perplexities in time. Who meets every crisis of life with you holding His hand. Who stands by your side always, who smooths your pillow in sickness, who goes down into the dark valley of death with you, and with whom you are safe and secure.

Knowing Him as a Friend, a Savior, and as Lord, you feel assured in leaving all the future in His hands, just as you commit all your present reality to KNOWING Him.

Those who truly discover that this is what Christianity is really like and open their lives to the presence of this kind of Lord and Savior- find and experience true joy!
Now they have found COURAGE to enter the narrow way. They daily rely on His STRENGTH to press through difficulties and discouragement’s, where once they were weak, now they are strong, in the Lord. Now they have ENERGY and STAMINA and no longer wait to have a smooth path before their feet, nor do they require every obstacle removed before they press onward and upward. Their PERSEVERANCE is inspiring to those they meet and encourages others to enter into their Masters work in their own lives. Their SPIRIT and INDOMITABLENESS cannot be molded or subdued by adverse circumstances, for they now have the moral backbone and integrity that cannot be flattered, bribed, or terrified, for they have found that true ONENESS with God, through Christ, that passes all understanding! This can be you!
This is what I find when I spend much time with God in nature!
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