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NCDP Training Newsletter
Volume III | Issue 26 | February 2023
New Climate Resilience and Equity Training Grant Awarded and
Upcoming Trainings in 2023
Deposito Photo - City with drought and grass
With the increased impacts of climate change, we can expect to see more extreme disasters due to more extreme hazards and growing vulnerability to those hazards. As with other disasters, historically underserved communities are disproportionately at risk.

As part of broader federal efforts to mitigate and adapt to climatological challenges, FEMA has awarded the Columbia Climate School’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness with a three-year training grant to create a national curriculum on climate resilience with a focus on equity for today’s state, local, tribal, and territorial emergency managers. This grant award is part of FEMA’s larger strategic plan to instill equity as a foundation of emergency management and to lead the whole community in climate resilience.

The trainings are expected to be available starting in the late fall of 2023. They will support communities’ efforts to address their climate risks, hazards, and vulnerabilities; incorporate strategies into their emergency management programs; strategize more effectively with their community leaders; and lead the way in creating more resilient and equitable community responses. We will keep this email community updated as the courses become certified and available.

In addition to trainings on climate resilience and equity, later this year, several instructor-led trainings in a virtual or in-person format will be available for communities on mass care and sheltering and pandemic planning. Below are several trainings in development.

Attend Upcoming Virtual and Instructor-led Trainings

The National Center for Disaster Preparedness, through its FEMA training grants, will be offering the following free upcoming trainings.

Live Virtual Learning (February - June 2023)
The training hosts are in the locations below; however, learners that are part of the FEMA region are also welcome to attend.

Instructor-led In-Person Learning (February - June 2023)
The training hosts are in the locations below; however, learners that are part of the FEMA region are also welcome to attend.

We have free on-demand web-based pandemic, mass care, economic, and housing post-disaster recovery courses available!
Take one or all of the pandemic and mass care, and economic and housing disaster recovery web-based courses and learn about the impacts of pre-disaster planning, how to conduct impact assessments, best practices for post-disaster planning, and more. Enroll today to earn a FEMA certificate.
Learn more about NCDP FEMA trainings offered.

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